RHOSLC’s Heather Gay Says Black Eye Storyline Made Her “Uncomfortable,” Reveals if She’s Spoken to Jen and Status With Whitney, Plus Cast Shake Up and Mary Cosby’s Return

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RHOSLC's Heather Gay Talks "Uncomfortable" Black Eye Storyline & Friendships With Jen & Whitney

Credit: Chris Haston/Bravo

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Heather Gay has had a pretty tumultuous season three of the hit franchise, from her falling out with Whitney Rose to that black eye.

Now, the Bad Mormon author seems to have let the snowflakes settle, and she is revealing where she and the rest of the cast stand ahead of season four.

Speaking with TV Deets, Heather explained why she wasn’t looking forward to watching the RHOSLC season three reunion back. In fact, she said she couldn’t even get through part one.

“I do so poorly at reunions,” she confessed. “And there’s such fallout after every reunion that I do not watch them. So, I received the episode like two days before it airs, and I just started to watch it and it just stirred up so many horrible feelings that I just slammed it shut. “

Heather’s black eye storyline was teased and built up heavily this season on RHOSLC, but viewers could never really get the full story of what exactly happened to cause the injury. Apparently, neither has Heather.

“The truth was, I had been explaining the black eye since the day I got it as much as I could. You know, I woke up with the black eye, I had a theory that I hit it on the counter,” Heather explained. “And then I had everyone telling me that they would’ve had footage if that had happened and that the footage would reveal how it happened. I assumed that I was on television and that it would reveal itself. But it never did.”

According to Heather, the whole situation began to irk her because she felt she had no control over how her “narrative” was written.

“I started to get really uncomfortable because it felt like they were creating a narrative that I was complicit in, but I’ve had no memory. I was scared to say I have no memory because I thought they could say anything.”

Heather also alleges that the rest of the cast wasn’t really coming from a place of concern regarding the black eye, but rather, they thought of it as a “scandalous” and “interesting” plotline to keep the show pushing forward.

Going into season four of RHOSLC, Heather says she’s more than ready to get new cast members on the slopes of Utah.

“I always say more nuts in the trail mix. It makes it better for everybody and [if the new cast members are] nobody I know. They have pillaged my friend list and we’re down to four, so I am not contributing any of my immediate circle anymore.”

Season three saw “friend of” Angie Harrington receiving more screen time, and with Jen Shah leaving a void in the cast, Heather thinks Angie will fill that space perfectly.

“She and I go back peripherally and she’s just so fun on camera. She’s zany and funny and she’s my friend and so I’m always going to advocate for her. I would love to see her holding a snowflake,” Heather gushed.

Speaking on Jen, Heather says she has not spoken to her friend since she was sentenced to 6.5 years in prison for wire fraud and running a telemarketing scheme. Heather claims that after Jen plead guilty, “everything totally changed in our friendship.”

“She’s focusing on her family and her sentence and I’m just waiting to see her make restitution for the victims and just to see that resolved because so much came out that was just so hard to hear. I can only think about the victims at this point and not really give it space,” Heather explained.

As for where she stands with her former best friend and cousin, Whitney, Heather says that the duo’s former friendship is “not a priority,” but she wishes her “the best.” She alleges Whitney “loves to be a housewife” and will continually “work hard” to stay a housewife.

Another tidbit that Heather touched on was the return of OG Mary Cosby. Heather stated that Mary will “never not be in the mix of Salt Lake City,” but at the time, she “could not confirm or deny” Mary’s possible involvement in season four. However, she did make mention that Mary is in contact with their co-star, Meredith Marks, and the two speak “quite a bit.”

It has since been reported that Mary will indeed be returning to RHOSLC in a “friend of” role for season four.