VIDEO: Mary Cosby Accuses RHOSLC Producers of Icing Her Out, & Reveals New Alliance With Monica Garcia, Plus She Teases a “Good” Reunion

by Barnell Anderson Comments
VIDEO: Mary Cosby Accuses RHOSLC Producers of Icing Her Out, & Reveals New Alliance With Monica Garcia, Plus Teases a "Good" Reunion

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Mary Cosby is back on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City this season despite some fans considering her boring. This comes while there is all sorts of drama going on with her son, who lives with her.

However, the latest news is that Mary spilled a bit of tea with Teddi Mellencamp about the upcoming reunion, her alliance with Monica Garcia, and how she feels that production is icing her out and not inviting her to events where cameras are present.

As fans know, Mary was a full-time housewife in the first two seasons of RHOSLC. Though some viewers enjoyed her presence on the show, Mary left after being called out by the other housewives. However, many people feel she was fired after making racially insensitive comments and after not appearing at that season’s reunion.

Most recently, Mary spoke to Teddi, who was a special correspondent for EXTRA at Kathy Hilton’s Christmas event. One of the biggest takeaways from the interview is that Mary feels like she’s not being invited to events where filming is taking place. 

In the interview, Teddi asks, “Why weren’t you at Meredith’s event? I was like, hold on, Meredith is somebody that Mary’s close to.”

Mary responds by saying, “I wasn’t invited… They stopped inviting me because I did all the stuff I did on the show. Like they were trying to wing me out.”

Teddi then asks for clarification about whether Mary meant the housewives or production, and Mary says it was production who iced her out. She then tells Teddi that she was not invited on the cast trip the ladies took. 

Mary then goes on to insist that she was happy to not be invited because she would have been “bored out of {her} mind.”

They even mention the recent episode where they’re all supposed to go out. However, Mary orders McDonald’s and eats it alone in the sprinter van while the rest of the ladies argue at the bar. 

In discussing the reunion, Mary also said that she flew all the way across the country but was only there for an hour. However, she did tease that the reunion “is going to be good” and that Andy “screamed the entire time.” She also revealed that Monica didn’t leave the reunion close to anyone except for her and that she has Monica’s back. 

From the interview, it sounds like Mary believes she’ll be back next season. However, it seems like perhaps production has other ideas about her future on the show.