RHOBH’s Kim Richards Opens Up About Losing All Her Possessions and Shares Why She Hasn’t Met Niece Paris Hilton’s Daughter, Plus She Talks Kyle & Mauricio’s Split and Her New Hobby

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RHOBH’s Kim Richards Reveals She Lost Car and All Possessions in Devastating House Flood, and Addresses Birth of Her Niece Paris Hilton’s New Daughter

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Kim Richards said she lost her clothes, car, and all her possessions during a disaster.

During a recent interview, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star addressed going through a devastating house flood and the birth of her niece Paris Hilton’s new daughter – who was delivered in secret after the surrogacy was hidden even from family.

Kim wasn’t the only one who had a difficult year; her sister Kyle Richards recently announced her separation from Mauricio Umansky, her husband of 27 years. Their split was widely publicized, sprinkled with rumors about her friendship with country singer Morgan Wade. The cherry on top? Kyle was feuding with their oldest sister, Kathy Hilton.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, via Heavy, Kim addressed her difficulties.

“It was a really hard year for me just because [my sisters] were fighting and I missed them,” she shared. “We all have our things you know, like I just it was a lot.”

“And I had a flood at my house,” the star added. “I had to move out, I had to go somewhere, and I didn’t know where to go, and it was a lot. And I really needed them, but I know everybody was going through their thing. So I had to figure out on my own by myself what to do, where to go.”

Kim claimed her niece Paris and husband Carter helped her out at the time.

“My whole family is great, but everybody was going through so much,” Kim continued. “It was hard. I lost my clothes, my car, everything came down into my car.  It was like one of those things. But I also feel like God gave me a chance to do this all over again. I get a new home, I get a new car. But it’s hard when you lose everything when it’s taken, like, in a flood like that. It’s awful.”

She then alluded to Kyle’s situation: “I worried about my sister [Kyle] every day … So, on top of what I was going through I call her, and I said, ‘Please don’t call and think I want to talk about me, I just want to know if you’re okay.’ Just one word, just say, ‘I love you I’m okay’ or whatever. But she just stayed to herself and that’s a new behavior for her.”

According to Kim, just before Kyle announced her separation, something strange happened: “I know this sounds crazy, but I had a dream two weeks prior that they were getting separated or divorced.”

Regarding how she and her two sisters are managing their issues, Kim said, “I think we’re all kind of figuring it out, and I think for myself, I’m really, I’m starting over. Like I literally, I just moved.”

Kim also shared a new hobby: “I color on the walls and so I’ve been coloring a lot and painting. So my house, like, literally from floor to ceiling I just started doing these huge murals. And I love it and I can’t even draw well. I love it! Kyle goes, ‘Who did this?’ I go, ‘Me!’ She says, ‘But you can’t draw’ and I go ‘I know!’”

Despite getting help from Paris and Carter, Kim said she hasn’t yet met their new daughter London. “I haven’t because it has been just a couple weeks. I was not feeling well. My grandkids [Hucksley and Hunter] were under the weather,” she explained. “[I have] a new granddaughter too … [My grandchildren] are my life. I love it. I love them so much.”

On November 29, Paris’ mom Kathy told Access Hollywood that she couldn’t immediately meet London but was planning on it the next day. When the daughter was born, Kathy was “doing press” in New York.

Speaking to Extra TV, via Heavy, Kathy said she knew Paris was having the daughter via surrogate – unlike with Paris’ first child. Kathy suggested that Paris didn’t tell her about her son until after the birth because she “did not want that getting out,” though Kathy felt she would have been discreet.

But the Bravo alum said she respected Paris’ decision. “I’m just grateful and I’m thrilled and I’m just happy.”