Fans Call RHOP Season 8 “Boring,” and Suggest Show is “Uncomfortable” to Watch Amid Wendy Osefo and Nneka Ihim’s Drama

by Barnell Anderson Comments
The New Season of 'RHOP' Is Being Called 'Uncomfortable" To Watch and "Boring" By Fans

Credit: Jai Lennard/Bravo

Reality TV fans know that our favorite shows have their fair share of ups and downs.

Unfortunately, many of the Real Housewives of Potomac fans aren’t enjoying the latest season of the show. In fact, some have gone as far as to say that watching the show makes them uncomfortable. Fans are also chiming in and calling it boring and wondering why they have to sit through it before watching the superior Married To Medicine.

Of course, season 8 of RHOP started in early November. Since then, there have been a handful of episodes, but there seems to be a bit of a disconnect. According to most watchers, it’s clear that the ladies are divided. This makes what is supposed to be a fun reality show a bit of a challenge to watch.

Jazmine Henley Brown, who often does recaps of Bravo shows with reality TV producer Carlos King, recently took to her TikTok and had much to say about the new season of RHOP.

She starts by saying, “The Real Housewives of Potomac is so uncomfortable to watch. It is not a fun show to watch anymore. I feel like I am watching a group of enemies being forced to be in a room together, and it’s starting to become uncomfortable.”

She first discusses the issues between Wendy and Nneka. As fans will recall, just a couple of episodes ago, Nneka accused Wendy’s mother of trying to harm her using voodoo. Though some of the cast seemed to believe her, this seemed like such a weird direction for the show. This is especially the case as Nneka is new and seemingly has no history with Wendy. 

The other problem with this storyline is that it continues the same old discussions about Wendy and her familiar history. At this point, the accusations about Wendy have gotten old. Additionally, as Jazmine said in her TikTok, it’s uncomfortable to watch the cast gang up on Wendy over something they can’t prove.

Overall, The show has a problem in that many cast members don’t seem to have much of a storyline. For example, what exactly is Ashley doing this season? We hear her discuss her arrangement with Michael, but she hasn’t done very much besides plan a trip to Austin. The same is true for Gizelle and Robyn. Sure, Robyn has the drama with her husband, but fans are over it.

One Twitter user was a tad bit optimistic about this season

Another wondered how it made it to our tv screens

This person also expressed being tired of the witchcraft/voodoo discussion

Finally, it seems the plot of the season just isn’t there

Hopefully, this current season of RHOP will improve. However, it just seems this current cast, with a few exceptions(Karen), doesn’t have very much to give. Does RHOP also need a cast shakeup?