RHOBH’s Kyle Richards Shares Post Questioning Why Sutton “Got Divorced” and Calls Out Her for Hypocrisy Amid Marriage Probe, Plus She Explains Why She’s Taking a “Break” From Her

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Kyle Richards Calls Out Sutton Stracke for Hypocrisy amid Marriage Probe, Shares Post from Fan Questioning Why Sutton “Got Divorced,” as Kyle Explains Why She’s Taking a “Break” from Her

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Kyle Richards is calling out Sutton Stracke – who shaded Kyle for not disclosing more about her marital issues on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kyle also explained why she’s taking a “break” from Sutton, and she shared a post questioning why Sutton “got divorced.”

According to many fans, Sutton will stab her own stuffed animals in the back to create a good scene or win favor on social media. Each swing of the knife is strategic, they say, and she knows exactly what she’s doing.

On Kyle’s Instagram Stories, the OG shared a post calling out Sutton’s hypocrisy.

“You know what’s funny — Sutton wants Kyle to tell what’s going on in her marriage and every detail about her life meanwhile this is … [Sutton’s] 4th year and we have zero clue why she got divorced and what [led] to it,” wrote @realitytvguru13.

In a separate post, Kyle shared a meme of Sutton as Darth Vader, parodying his infamous line.

“Kyle I am your sister,” wrote @thezenblonde, alluding to Sutton’s odd suggestion in the latest episode that she was one of Kyle’s sisters.

Image credit: @kylerichards18/Instagram

On an Amazon Live session, Kyle addressed where she and Sutton stand.

“I’m just taking a little break from Sutton,” said Kyle in a post shared by @bravosnarkside via @bravohousewives, “because Sutton was really my friend. We’re friends.”

“And I was really surprised at her like coming at me and acting like I had done something wrong by having something going wrong in my marriage,” she wrote, “[as if] I wasn’t telling everybody everything when actually — like I said a minute ago — I did tell everybody right out of the gate that I was having problems in my marriage.”

Kyle said she was “surprised” because Sutton often discusses the “struggle” of her divorce.

“Why wasn’t she just being supportive and my friend?” asked Kyle. “Like you’re mad at me? It just felt so weird and then all her interviews — I don’t see any of that until the show airs — are really not nice. They’re just, they’re mean … Here I [was] thinking that we’re friends.”

Kyle added that “some Housewives” will “do anything” to “make a splash” – and she feels Sutton is one of them.

“Because it just doesn’t make any sense to me,” she added. “I didn’t do anything to her.”