Melissa & Joe Gorga Sued for $1.4 Million for Alleged Injuries by Woman Claiming She Was “Severely” Incapacitated on RHONJ Couple’s Property

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Melissa and Joe Gorga Sued for $1.4 Million by Woman Claiming She Was Permanently Injured on Their Company’s Property, and Was “Severely” Incapacitated

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Melissa and Joe Gorga were slapped with another lawsuit – this time for $1.4 million. Unfortunately, the Real Housewives of New Jersey stars are no strangers to the legal system. Back in July, Joe’s former attorney sued him for allegedly refusing to pay the bill.

The duo is also at odds with Joe’s sister Teresa Giudice, whose husband allegedly hired a private eye to dig up dirt from their past. Many are wondering if skeletons will surface in the upcoming season.

Joe and Melissa are now being sued for $1.4 million by a woman named Blanca Hernandez, per Reality Tea. Blanca claims she was on a Gorga Enterprises property when she got permanently injured.

According to Blanca, she became “severely” incapacitated in 2021 at 10 Courtland Street in New Jersey — a place reportedly maintained by Melissa and Joe’s company. In 2022, Blanca filed a lawsuit that alleged that the place wasn’t safely maintained, which led to the wounds.

“Diverse injuries, great pain, and suffering … has incurred and [Blanca] will continue in the future to incur extensive medical expenses,” said the legal docs. “[She] suffered physical and emotional injuries of both a temporary and permanent nature, [and] considerable pain and anguish,” as well as “loss of wages.”

The Gorgas denied any wrongdoing, and they indicated that any damages were created by carelessness from “persons not a party to this action and [therefore] this/these defendant (s) is/are not liable.”

“[Blanca’s] injuries and damages, if any, were the result of circumstances over which this/these Defendant(s) had no control or right of control and this/these Defendant(s) is/are not liable therefore,” their lawyer responded.

The woman now claims Gorga Enterprise never gave an official response to the lawsuit. She asked the court for a default judgment of $1.4 million.

Earlier this month, Melissa and Joe revealed they hired the firm of Macdonald & Herforth as representation for the trial. Blanca’s request for the default judgment is set to be addressed in an upcoming hearing.