RHONJ: Private Investigator Bo Dietl Reveals the Truth About Luis Ruelas’ PI Claims on Finale Episode

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RHONJ: Private Investigator Bo Dietl Reveals the Truth About Luis Ruelas’ PI Claims on Finale Episode

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On Tuesday night’s season 13 finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa Giudice’s husband, Luis Ruelas, made the bold claim amid his family’s ongoing feud with the Gorgas that he had enlisted a famed private investigator and retired detective, Bo Dietl, to dig up “dirt” and “bring him information” on each of his wife’s co-stars.

However, while appearing on Watch What Happens Live following the season finale, he quickly backtracked on his comments and confessed he blurted out the false admission because he was at “the end of [his] rope.” Now, Bo himself is confirming that the incident “never happened.”

“I’m glad the New York Post today came out with the retraction of his, and he had this after-show thing, and he said he made it up,” Bo told Entertainment Tonight. “And of course, it’s made up. Look, I’ve been retired 38 years from the police department. We don’t do no scuzzy stuff like that kind of stuff.”

Bo continued by saying that Louie would have to spend an extravagant amount of money to come anywhere close to getting the type of information he claimed to have, noting that he doesn’t believe Louie would spend that kind of money.

“In reality, if we were hired to do an investigation, we’d do an investigation. That investigation, to do eight cast members, probably would cost him half a million bucks. I don’t think Louie’s gonna be paying a half a million bucks. I mean, to get real surveillances and all this kind of stuff — but Louie was talking out of his butt a little bit on that one,” he told the outlet.

After the episode aired, Bo says that he began receiving a lot of negative attention on social media. So much so that he took it upon himself to call Louie directly and confront him over potentially sullying his reputation.

“I called him to task, I said, ‘Lou, why would you say that?’ ‘Oh, I wanted to let them think that I got you in my pocket, Bo, and they got to be careful,'” Bo concluded. “No, you don’t use me like a pocket watch. You hire me. I do incredible investigations. You want security, you want investigation? That’s why I’m around for 38 years, and I’m very, very honored to be here in business in New York City. All over the country, we do investigations and security, but to throw out, ‘Aw, I’m gonna get Bo Dietl — I got dirt on every one of you, I got Bo Dietl on you.’ No, you ain’t got no Bo Dietl on you, but it to me, it’s funny, but I caught a lot of crap from it.”