RHOP’s Nneka Ihim Shares New Details of Messy Drama With Wendy Osefo, & What Caused Wendy’s Mom to Allegedly Submit Name to Shrine, Plus Live Viewing Thread

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RHOP's Nneka Ihim Says Wendy Had A Plot To "Ambush" and "Embarrass" Her On the Show, Then Resorted To the Controversial Shrine

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The Real Housewives of Potomac doesn’t seem to be in its fittest form this season. However, one of the most discussed topics surrounds Wendy Osefo and newbie Nneka Ihim.

 Of course, the two got into a giant argument a couple of episodes ago that led to Nneka accusing Wendy’s mother of submitting her name to a shrine to provoke death and destruction. Additionally, there have been some pretty intense talks about whether the two ladies know each other or not. Now, Nneka is alleging that Wendy had a plan to ambush her with the cameras rolling in order to embarrass her. 

As fans know, things got pretty heated at Karren’s pickleball event, which the Bravo cameras were present for. During the event, Nneka accused Wendy’s mother of trying to perform a voodoo ritual on her by submitting her name to a shine. This discussion has come up after the event, but the latest is that Wendy had her mother do it after deciding not to embarrass her on camera. 

While speaking to Page Six, Nneka said that Wendy’s sister Ivy was once close to her cousin-in-law Lebe. Apparently, Ivy and Wendy called Lebe and expressed plans to “ambush” her and to “embarrass [her] on national television.”

According to Nneka, Lebe pleaded with Wendy and Ivy not to try to embarrass her on camera. However, Wendy’s mother called Lebe and told her that she was praying against Nneka and her family.

Nneka says, ” I was literally terrified when I received that phone call [from Lebe] of what was done to my name, you know? Submitting someone’s name to a shrine is for death and destruction. So, to learn that they thought this scenario was serious enough to do that? I am afraid.”

Though this seems unbelievable, it wouldn’t be the first time Wendy’s mother has publicly prayed against people. Wendy recently shared with the housewives what her mother had to say about Mia and Peter, who was once Cynthia Bailey‘s husband. 

Wendy’s mother once posted, “Well, well. Ugly inside and out, crater-face Mia – a bombastic, ignorant, nonsensical, baseless, wannabe-CEO troublemaker. To hell with Mia and Peter [Thomas]. Oh, yes, I say Holy Ghost fire on Mia and Peter and thunderstorm. Amen.”

Page Six asked the RHOP newbie what she thought of that scene, and she said, “If you’ll notice, I didn’t say anything. When we’re sitting there, I just watched the two parties involved hash that out. I mean, I think I just thought that it was a lot. It was a lot. And it was unprovoked. I don’t think it was necessary. But that just seems to be the way that her mother handles things, and she’s allowed to do whatever she wants to do – within the confines of the law.”

Nneka also said that she does not feel that Wendy wanted her on the show. 

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