RHOA Alum Kim Zolciak Responds to Body Cam Footage of Kroy and Allegations He Made, Plus She Has a New Way of Making Money

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Kim Zolciak Tells Cops She Doesn’t Feel “Safe” at Home With Kroy in 911 Call as Source Says the Exes Are Waging “Money War” in Tense Living Situation Amid Divorce

Credit: Ralph Notaro/MEGA

Things haven’t been the greatest for Kim Zolciak for quite some time. The RHOA alum is going through a very public divorce and also has a ton of debt.

Unfortunately, the separation between her and Kroy Biermann has been anything but peaceful. As fans know, one of the couple’s young kids called the police on them in late November after a loud altercation. Of course, this isn’t the first time the police have come to their home, which is currently up for sale after the two got an extension on their foreclosure.

Recently, the body cam footage of the late November encounter was released online. In it, it’s clear to see that neither Kroy nor Kim are in a good place. He can be seen yelling at the police and saying that their lives are basically destroyed. He discusses their money problems, the fact that their home is up for sale, and alleges that Kim is sleeping with other men. Additionally, he accuses her of “narcissistic behavior.”

Now, Kim is responding to what Kroy had to say in the released body cam footage with statements given to Celebuzz.

“I would like to respond to the video that took place and was recently released by the Milton Police Dept. The comments made in the body cam footage from Kroy who is obviously enraged are untrue. I vehemently deny any allegation that I have been unfaithful to Kroy at any point in our 12 year marriage. Any claim to the contrary is downright false, baseless, and slanderous.”

Kim continues, “I have tried not to speak on these hurtful allegations, but I am at a breaking point with this, and I will not stay silent when my character is being assassinated.”

Kim then goes on to threaten legal action by saying, “Any other allegations made from any videos that are in the press will be addressed by my legal team at an appropriate time.”

She then thanks her fans for their support, “To all my fans and supporters that have stood by me— I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I truly appreciate you.”

In addition to responding to what Kroy had to say about their situation, Kim has started a new Instagram page called kimzbcloset to hopefully generate income.


This allows her to sell more previously worn designer items, such as purses, wigs, and shoes.

Notably, the account follows all six of her kids but does not follow Kroy.


Again, it’s also a bit weird that she would include B for Biermann in the name given how much she and Kroy are going through.