RHOM Star Dr. Nicole Martin Slams Annemarie Wiley’s Comments About Sutton Stracke’s Health Issues on RHOBH, Plus RHOM Live Viewing Thread

by Barnell Anderson Comments

RHOM's Dr. Nicole Martin Responds To Annemarie's Comments To Sutton Regarding Health Issues

Fans of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are accustomed to controversial statements being made on the show. However, some of the most recent drama has the Bravo fandom in an uproar. This is because Annemarie Wiley recently made some interesting comments to Sutton regarding her health issues. Now, Dr. Nicole Martin from the Real Housewives of Miami is giving her opinion on the matter. 

As fans know, Sutton has previously discussed her esophagus disorder. However, things got awkward in a scene when Annemarie told her that her disorder only meant that she should chew her food more and that it’s a “symptom of something and not a medical diagnosis.”

Now, Dr. Nicole, an anesthesiologist, has taken to her Instagram to address the controversy from the point of view of a medical professional. 

She says, “It does not matter where you fall in the spectrum. All the way from being a tech to being a doctor. You joined the profession to be an advocate for patients, and as such, it is not our place to belittle, question, or demean a patient’s symptoms or diagnosis.”

She continues, “It was very uncomfortable and cringy to watch Annemarie belittle Sutton’s symptoms in such a way.” 

Nicole went on to say that Annemarie is a lovely person and that they have met before. However, “that scene was a no.”

It’s also notable that Sutton showed her appreciation for Dr. Nicole’s statement in the comments. Additionally, fans called her “a class act” and thanked her for disavowing Annemarie’s claims.  

So far, Annemarie hasn’t responded to the backlash. However, judging from the comments on her most recent posts, fans are hoping the rest of the cast will set her straight on the reunion. This is just one reason why it’s important to not assume you know more about a person’s individual medical situation, even if you are a professional.  

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