Captain Jason Chambers Shares What Really Happened With Lala Kent and Adriana de Moura, and Says He’s Being ‘Left Out’ of Below Deck Down Under Season 3 Talks

by Adam Ragsdale Comments
Captain Jason Chambers Shares What Actually Happened With Lala Kent and Adriana de Moura, and Hints at Season 3 of Below Deck Down Under

Credit: Jenny Kim/Todd Williamson/Bravo

Captain Jason Chambers shared what actually happened with Lala Kent and Adriana de Moura at BravoCon, and hinted at season 3 of Below Deck: Down Under.

Jason’s contact with Lala and Adriana is still an unsolved equation, and each side of the triangle has their own version of the truth.

“I wouldn’t say flirty,” said Jason of his encounter with Lala, in an interview with TooFab. “Leading into it, there was a few innuendos from Aesha [Scott] with Andy [Cohen] on Watch What Happens Live, and I did just stir the pot a little bit, but that’s just my humor.”

“I did meet her,” he went on. “She seemed lovely. I don’t really know any of the Bravolebs, because I don’t watch the shows that much, but it was good meeting them all… media went a little bit frenzied just with a few little comments, but that was about as far as it was.”

Captain Jason also addressed his interactions with Adriana in Florida.

“Yes, I was in Miami. I went out. Adriana kind of insinuated I come on to the Housewives of Miami show, that’s not me, I didn’t want to do it,” he said. “So, we did catch up. We did have a dinner. It was nice, it was fine, it was very platonic. And yes, there was a goodnight kiss to say goodbye, and that was about it.”

“I think there was a lot more insinuated to try and create a little drama from the other side,” Jason continued.

The captain suggested he won’t discover his soulmate through Bravo.

“First and foremost is my daughter, then the career. Trying to find someone else to fit into my relationship status is very difficult, so definitely not going to find someone over in America, because I live in a different world over here,” he shared. “I don’t think I’ll be matching up with anyone that’s pretty busy over in America doing the reality side of things.”

“I think my sort of person’s more adventurous and out of the box,” said Jason, who claimed he has a more “get your hands dirty” lifestyle.

He shared his hope to come back to the screen for Below Deck: Down Under season 3.

“We’ve got another season. It’s been advertised that we’re doing another season,” he shared. “And there’s talk with Bravo now that I might be at the helm. I’m sure I will be. I hope I will be. There’s been enough support from the fans.”

He claimed the network has stayed “tight-lipped” about when filming starts, as well as “the crew and the boats and the location … they don’t give me anything.”

In a separate interview with In Touch, Captain Jason suggested producers are leaving him out of talks for Below Deck Down Under season 3.

“They leave me very much out of it. That’s the way they operate. I like that when the location’s picked, I’ll turn up to a boat, I’ll meet the crew, and then I’ll get on with it,” he explained. “That is a pretty big essence of the whole production. So, they do keep me at an arm’s distance, which I like. It actually brings out the challenging part of it, which I actually really enjoy.”