RHOM: Lisa Hochstein Shares How Jody Relationship Differs From Lenny as Larsa & Nicole Talk Wedding Plans, Who They’re Clashing With, and Guerdy Offers Cancer Update, Plus Live Viewing Thread

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RHOM: Lisa Hochestein Shares How Jody Relationship Differs From Lenny as Larsa & Nicole Talk Wedding Plans and Guerdy Offers Cancer Update, Plus Julia Dishes on Caring for Martina Amid Health Struggles

The Real Housewives of Miami season six has been a bit of a rollercoaster for fans. One minute things are smooth, and the next, the ladies are at each other’s necks. This has led to many fans calling this the best season of the show. Recently, Lisa Hochstein, Larsa Pippen, Guerdy Abraira, Dr. Nicole Martin, Alexia Nepola, and Julia Lemigova all sat down for an interview to discuss the highs and lows of this season of RHOM

All of the RHOM ladies have gone through life changes this year, and they each have unique perspectives. Of course, fans may like some more than others, but they each have a unique story to tell.

When asked by InTouch Weekly to describe the season, Lisa, who is going through a very public divorce, said, “It’s explosive. There’s a lot of conflict, a lot of friendship changes and unexpected feuds, and a lot of people finding their voice.”

Regarding conflict and the aforementioned feuds, it’s clear that Lisa and Larsa are both on the outs with the other ladies. When asked who she was close with, Lisa only said Larsa, and none of the other ladies said either of their names.

When asked about clashes, Lisa said, “Almost everyone!”

As fans would expect, Larsa said, “I’m not [on] great [terms] with Guerdy — not because I don’t want to be. I feel like she doesn’t want to be.”

Nicole admitted that “despite being optimistic early on in the season about a potential friendship with Alexia and Marysol, it didn’t stay that way for long.”

Lisa was then asked how her new relationship compares to her marriage. She said, “It’s night and day. I have somebody who wants to grow with me, respects me, and sees me as a partner.”

The topic then moved to marriage. When asked about Marcus, Larsa said, “We started off as friends, and our friendship evolved.” The interviewer then asked what kind of wedding Larsa wanted, and she said, “A private, fun, crazy wedding.”

Nicole also provided an update on her wedding plans: “Nothing has been locked in. It took us years to get engaged; it might take us years to get down the aisle!” She also recently showed off her baby bump on Instagram. 

They then asked how Julia’s marriage with Martina had been impacted by her having throat cancer. Julia said, “Martina getting sick forced me to become stronger. I found myself in the caretaker role doing whatever I could to bring her joy. Her positivity and resilience throughout this battle were a daily reminder that I fell in love with a warrior and a champion.”

Lastly, Guerdy discussed the status of her health in light of being breast cancer-free by saying, “I’m lucky I was able to beat it. I’m getting back to myself physically little by little. I feel good and feel very grateful for being a survivor. The road seems dark and lonely when you are in the fight, but you have to find that light at the end of the tunnel.”

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