RHOM Recap: Lisa’s Parenting is Called Into Question as She is Confronted Over Allegations of Bugging Lenny’s Car, Spending $10K on Instacart, & Relationship With Jody

by Elizabeth Comments

RHOM Recap: Lisa is Cited as an Unfit Mother and Questioned Over Allegation of Bugging Lenny’s Car, Spending $10K on Instacart, & Relationship With Jody

We are back on the croquet field with our Real Housewives of Miami. Let us find out why this episode is titled “Palm Beach Pandemonium” and see who is causing mayhem in Miami!

The ladies are discussing the mess that Lisa is in and how you can spend $10k on Instacart. Kiki is still perplexed about how much chicken you could possibly need, and l live for her commentary! Larsa believes that Lisa should be scaling back her lifestyle until her finances can be determined. She does not think that Jody can jump right into Lenny’s shoes and provide for her since he has his own family to take care of. There is some insinuation from some at the table that Jody should be helping Lisa financially.

Alexia thinks the only thing he should offer to pay for is a car for her. She also mentions that she has never bought a car for herself (no surprise here), and she always had the men (one of whom was using drug money) in her life provide for her. Guerdy made me laugh when she suggested Lisa could get a Corolla to just get her around instead of using Lenny’s cars, which he believes she installed tracking devices on. She recommends Larsa broach the subject since she is her confidant, but she has tried to no avail. Julia is then nominated to do it since she will use a different approach.

The ladies get a croquet lesson from the chairman of the croquet association. He does have trouble maintaining their attention. Kiki gets excited when she scored and runs with her boobies bouncing out of her dress. She thinks the men enjoyed the show and could not look away. Kiki caused quite a stir that day, but most likely just in their pants. Just saying.

Marysol pulls Alexia aside to discuss what is happening with Julia. She is upset with her bro, and she does not understand how hurtful it is for Julia to befriend her ex. Alexia is trying to get Marysol to back off Julia and cut her some slack. Marysol is annoyed her BFF is not having her back and refuses to see Alexia’s point. She thinks her view is the only one that matters, and she should protect her.

The ladies are having dinner a la fresca after talking to their kids and spouses. Julia is going to approach Lisa in a non-threatening way. She does ask Alexia first why she needed Todd’s permission to room with her, but she insists she was joking. Julia still thinks that Alexia’s nervousness constitutes a little homophobia.

Lisa shares that she was not crazy about the scent, but she appreciates the ladies’ help in getting this project done. Adriana freaks the ladies out when she thinks hallucinates that she sees an alligator in the water. I agree that b*tch needs to lay off the Ketamine because those prehistoric-looking creatures are no joke in South Florida. Larsa must protect her feet since they are her moneymakers. Who in their right mind would find those feet and cankles sexy — they always look swollen and jammed into her shoes. Are podiatrists trolling OnlyFans looking for clients to remove bunions or cankle liposuction?

Nicole talks about giving Lisa a redo of a Mother’s Day brunch. Julia lets Lisa know she can open up on her terms, BUT it goes left fast when she suggests that Lisa should put her kids first. She asks about the bad evening, and Lisa shares that the kids went to bed that night. Lisa can see that the group is questioning her parenting skills, and she should have stayed with her traumatized kids that night.

Nicole finds it hypocritical that Alexia is talking about raising kids, and I agree with her since she is not — nor will ever be — on the cover of Parents Magazine. Lisa feels like she is being interrogated over the Instacart bill. She wants to know why they told her to stop talking about Lenny the lech, and now they are asking questions. Alexia tells her to be smarter, and I spit out my drink because coming from her is ludicrous — especially since she just shared that she has been taken care of by men her whole life. The consensus at the table is that Lisa should not drive a car that is owned by Lenny. Adriana, who tends to be the outlier, thinks they are all coming at her, and that they should cut her some slack.

Guerdy asks about Jody and how fast this relationship is going. Nicole thinks she is not using her time wisely and should be looking to make her own money. Lisa wants to be in a relationship and does not want to go out to parties. I tilted my head like my dog does (huh?) when she is confused by what I am saying. The group finds that comment ludicrous since she is always taking Instagram photos of her living her best life with Jody. Guerdy asks if Jody is supporting her, and I do think this is too invasive of a question to ask. Alexia pretends that Todd did not help her when she incurred legal costs over Herman’s estate. Lisa sees this as a gang bang even though she has no personal experience with them. Lisa leaves the table in a huff, and she is annoyed her friends are sending her mixed messages.

Guerdy tells Russell about the trip and what Lisa has going on. She is overwhelmed with the process she must go through to battle her cancer. Guerdy is facing some challenges, and Russell is the best man to be there to support her.

Nicole is meeting her dad — and his girlfriend Isis — which is troubling to start. Miguel arrives and lets Nicole know that his 20-year-old girlfriend has sciatica. Nicole thinks that Isis is not coming because she had called her a hoochie mama. Miguel keeps getting up from the table, and Nicole wonders if he might have prostate issues. He then shares he might be having a kid soon, and maybe two while he is at it. Miguel then spills that once he has two more kids, his total will be eight, and Nicole is stunned when she does the math of who she knows about. Nicole thinks Ashton Kutcher is going to jump out from a palm tree and tell her she is being punked. Side note: These scenes are hard to watch knowing he died not long after filming.

Lisa takes her kids to a dance studio and is trying to be the dutiful mom — on camera at least. Elle is precious and is Lisa’s mini-me. Lisa lets us know she used to dance as well. Adriana calls, and Lisa shares that Lenny served her with a motion and is calling her an unfit mother. Lenny wants full custody because he alleges that Lisa is abusing prescription drugs.

Adriana comes by to the studio so they can chat in person. Lisa does not have the money to pay lawyers, and he is trying to wear her down. Adriana thinks their friends are questioning her and it is wrong. IMHO, Lisa signed a prenup and it is iron-clad. She needs to put her little girl pants on and move forward instead of wasting money contesting the prenup. We now know Jody is paying half of her exorbitant rent of $32k a MONTH on a condo in Miami Beach. Lisa clearly has not listened to her friends and is continuing to live above her means — and still depending on a man.

The episode ends in loving memory of Miguel Martin, who passed away this year. Sending condolences to Nicole and her family. I hope you Blurbers have a wonderful holiday week, and I will see you back in Miami next week!