RHOM: Lisa Hochstein Reveals Jody Glidden & Lenny Split Cost of $32K-a-Month Condo, See How Much They Pay, Plus Live Viewing Thread

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RHOM's Lisa Hochstein Reveals Boyfriend Jody Glidden & Lenny Split Cost of $32K-Per-Month Condo

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Lisa Hochstein is a mainstay on The Real Housewives of Miami, and she has been a cast member since the show’s second season.

Drama seems to follow her, but the latest to emerge concerns who pays for her ultra-luxurious condo. This comes after many fans of RHOM have wondered how she manages to live such a fancy life, especially after her divorce. Fans will remember that Lisa and Dr. Lenny Hochstein, who have two kids together, separated in May 2022. They’ve both moved on, with him being engaged and Lisa now dating Jody Glidden. Of course, news has also surfaced that Jody broke off an engagement only weeks before the world saw him with Lisa.  

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem as though Lisa and Lenny are on the best of terms, as the two recently had a bit of a public spat on social media. This led to the RHOM star confirming how her $32,000 per month condo gets paid for. This comes after both have made serious allegations about each other. 

For context, it seems Lenny pays $17,000 for the condo while Lisa’s new boyfriend forks over the other $15,000. Lisa’s stunning condo features five bedrooms and five-and-a-half bathrooms.

Confirming the weird arrangement, Lisa had this to say in an Instagram comment on Page Six’s post, “You pay 17k, Jody pays the rest for a 32k a month place so we can live in the proximity according to the MSA [marital settlement agreement] comfortably with enough space, so I don’t feel alienated from my children you wanted to put me in something small.”

However, Lenny fired back at Lisa, claiming Jody is “living in an apartment I pay for” and “isn’t paying for my children.”

Also in the Instagram post about Lisa’s new man having broken off an engagement weeks before being seen with her, more drama came in the comments after Lisa, Jody, and Lenny all chimed in.  By the way, both Lisa and Jody have vehemently denied there was any overlap with Jody’s former relationship.

In one comment, Jody told Dr. Lenny, “I’m paying for half of the place for Lisa and your children.” 

While most of the comments were from Lisa and Jody in defense of their relationship, they also seemed to blame Lenny for planting stories. 

One comment from Jody read, “When you read these articles you have to ask yourself a simple couple of questions… Who called the media and why.”

However, Lenny also seems to believe that Lisa and Jody planted a recording device in his car. He then threatened legal action because of it. He said, “I also know that the recording device you planted in my car has many previous recordings on it. Get a lawyer. You’re going to need one.”

This all seems so messy between the three parties. Hopefully, things calm down for the sake of the two children. 

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