PHOTO: Lisa Hochstein Shares Pic of Bruised Arm and Accuses Lenny of Abuse Again as Lenny Denies Claim and Explains Her Injury, Plus Lenny Alleges RHOM Star Took Adderall & Klonopin for “Recreational Use” in Court Docs

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PHOTO: Lisa Hochstein Shares Pic of Bruise Amid Physical Abuse Allegations Against Lenny, Plus Lenny Accuses RHOM Star of Taking Adderall & Klonopin for “Recreational Use” in Court Docs

Lisa Hochstein claims estranged husband Lenny Hochstein is “mentally and physically” abusive, as Lenny is denying her claims.

After the 57-year-old plastic surgeon accused her of using prescription drugs, including Adderall and Klonopin, for “recreational use,” the Real Housewives of Miami star, 41, took to her Instagram Story, where she shared a photo of a bruise on her arm, revealing she sustained the injury during filming on season five.

“Didn’t want to have to share this. But I’m left with no choice,” Lisa wrote on November 23, along with the pic, which featured her in a mirror selfie with her wedding ring still on. “I’m being threatened and harassed through the court system and through ‘others’ by Lenny and it needs to stop. This was almost [two] weeks old from last season. You may have caught this bruise on the episode when I opened up to the women on the show about the divorce.”

rhom lisa hocshtein shares abuse photo allegedly by lenny

Also on social media, Lisa discussed Lenny’s alleged abuse in the comments section of an article about her boyfriend, Jody Glidden, 50.

“We assumed you were behind this thanks for confirming. Why don’t you just go away and leave everybody alone and move on. You have zero credibility. Nobody believes anything you have to say. You’re messy abusive mentally, and physically,” Lisa stated.

Then, after another Instagram user applauded Jody as “an amazing man” for offering to pay for his former fiancee to have her eggs frozen after they split, Lisa praised Jody for stepping up for her and Lenny’s kids, eight-year-old Logan and four-year-old Elle.

“Unbelievable that you are engaging as a so-called professional 57-year-old man. This man [Jody Glidden] stepped up where you couldn’t, and take care of our children when you refuse to pay for your responsibilities instead of trying to attack this man, you should be thanking him,” Lisa wrote to her former spouse.

rhom lisa hochstein says lenny is absuive mentally and physically

Lenny took to Instagram to vehemently denied he physically abused Lisa.

“I have moved on but Lisa hasn’t. She attacks me every chance she gets and I have put up with every single lie but when she accused me of being physically abusive I had enough. I am against any form of violence especially against women,” wrote Lenny in the comments section of Page Six’s Instagram post.

Lenny then went on to explain how Lisa got injured and ended up with her arm bruised.

“When I got home lisa started screaming at me like she often did. I tried to walk upstairs and she walked in front of me backwards she could face me while she was berating me, lost her balance and landed hard on a step,” he alleged.

“During the divorce she flopped to the ground in front of me and started laughing. She said she could call the cops and it would be all over for me. Under oath she said I pushed her to the ground at gala nightclub so she he has no fear of perjury,” Lenny continued. “I have put up with a lot but I will not sit back and allow someone to say I ever, under any circumstances, would hit a woman.”

Before Lisa went public with her alleged abuse photo, Lenny targeted her supposed drug abuse in court documents, stating that the RHOM cast member has Adderall and Klonopin for “recreational use.”

According to the documents obtained by The Sun on November 22, Lenny discovered the reported drug abuse on audio recordings that were “recovered from a clandestine listening device” that was “illegally placed” in his vehicle.

“Recently, Husband learned that Wife has expressed that she is using certain drugs, namely Adderall and Klonopin, and that she needs these drugs for recreational use, which is of grave concern to Husband since Wife is the primary parent charged with caring for Minor Children,” his documents stated, adding that Lisa’s behavior “poses a threat to the health, safety, and welfare” of their kids and claiming her filming schedule has forced the children to spend much of their time with nannies.

In response to Lenny’s drug allegations against her, Lisa shared a statement with The Sun.

“I was surprised and disappointed that Doctor Lenny Hochstein, a formerly respected medical professional, would be so cavalier in releasing my medical records in one of his fits of rage,” she stated. “I have prescriptions and am under medical supervision for these medicines.”

Also detailed in Lenny’s court documents was a May 10 incident in which Lenny claimed Lisa was physically and verbally abusive to him as he attempted to leave the $52 million Star Island mansion they shared.

“Wife aggressively confronted Husband and physically pushed Husband and then followed him around the house while unleashing a verbal assault on Husband without justification,” he alleged.

Although Lisa called 911, insisting it was Lenny who was the aggressor, no one was arrested.

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