REPORT: Lisa Hochstein’s Boyfriend Jody Called Off Wedding to Ex Before Stepping Out With RHOM Star as Lenny Reacts & Slams Jody, Plus Lisa & Jody Deny Cheating

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REPORT: Lisa Hochstein's Boyfriend Jody Called Off Wedding to Ex Before Stepping Out With RHOM Star as Lenny Reacts & Slams Jody, Plus Lisa & Jody Deny Cheating

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Lisa Hochstein’s boyfriend, Jody Glidden, is being accused of calling off his September 2022 wedding to ex-fiancée Rabia just before stepping out with the Real Housewives of Miami star, who he was first spotted with in December of that year.

According to a new report, Jody, 50, was set to marry Rabia in the south of France on September 3, 2022, after five years of dating, but he suddenly called off the event as he and Lisa, 41, allegedly struck up a romance following her messy split from estranged husband Lenny Hochstein, 57.

“[Jody and Rabia] grew as a couple, fell in love with each other’s families and experienced the greatest love of [their] lives,” their wedding website, seen by Page Six, said of the former couple, who got engaged in Paris in 2021 and were raising Jody’s 14-year-old daughter from a previous marriage together.

While Jody and Rabia were planning to start a family once they got married and had spent two years renovating the home he recently featured on RHOM, he reportedly canceled their wedding just days before, telling guests they were taking a break but would reschedule.

But some opted to travel to Provence for the would-have-been wedding “to show support since [Jody and Rabia] both seemed heartbroken.” Even Jody and Rabia traveled to France, where they were seen with his daughter in late August and early September 2022.

Another insider, however, said that Jody and Rabia split “a month before the wedding” and insisted some friends “didn’t even book their flights because they had so much notice.”

Following his would-have-been wedding date, Jody returned to Miami solo, and he was allegedly caught on security footage around 2:30 a.m. at the $52 million Star Island mansion Lisa shared with Lenny on September 4, 2022.

Although Jody told Rabia he met Lisa the day he returned to Miami from Provence, she didn’t buy the story. Still, the second source asserted that the “reason” Jody “left” Rabia “wasn’t Lisa.”

Once Rabia returned home from France with Jody’s daughter, Jody was said to have kicked her out of the home they’d been sharing, which is currently for sale.

“At that point it had become clear he was checked out, and there was no hope of reconciliation,” an insider told Page Six.

There have also been claims that Lisa was telling people she was dating Jody as early as July 2022, just two months after Lenny filed for divorce after stepping out with his now-fiancée Katharina Nahlik.

Either way, sources say Rabia was quite upset about Jody’s relationship with Lisa.

“We all felt so bad because it seemed like Rabia went into a depression while Jody was out parading around town with Lisa,” someone close to the ex-couple shared, noting that Jody loves to talk about his newfound fame.

Following the sharing of Page Six’s report on Instagram, Jody reacted to the story, insisting that he ended his engagement to Rabia prior to meeting Lisa.

“Yes I broke off an engagement a few weeks before I MET Lisa. This article left out that Rabia and I broke up off and on all throughout the year and in early August made it final. I didn’t want to bring a baby into the world in such an unstable relationship because I have a little girl and I have an ex wife and I remember what a great relationship felt like. Rabia and I never found that stability unfortunately,” he explained. “Lisa and I met for the first time weeks after the breakup. We went on a first date about [three] weeks after my final breakup. And Lisa and I were not exclusive or serious until many months after that.”

“I was nice enough to let Rabia stay in my house that we had just moved into, while I searched with her for a new place to live. I paid for her apartment when asked, gave her a car for a while when asked, and money to help her,” he continued. “I even was kind enough to pay to freeze her eggs since I was worried about her chances of having a child after our breakup. I paid for all this even though I didn’t have to. Rabia makes it sound like this was mine and her marital home. She and I had no kids, no marriage. I was afraid of all of that with her because we had such an on again off again relationship.”

According to Jody, Rabia asked him for “more money” a couple of months ago, threatening to attack him in the press if he didn’t pay up.

“To sum it up, Rabia and I broke up almost a year and a half ago now. It’s extremely disappointing that someone would team up to try to do this to Lisa and I and our children. We really just wish we could be left alone without these constant attempts to break us up or hurt us. Lisa and I really think that media pieces like this just hurt families and we wish we didn’t have to respond when they keep happening,” he admitted.

“What kind of person airs their grievances in the media to begin with?” he added.

rhom jody glidden reacts to being accused of calling off engagement for lisa

In response, Lenny denied Jody’s account, saying that he knew when Jody and Lisa began dating because Lisa informed him of her new man.

“I know when you started seeing Lisa because she told me about you. I also know that the recording device you planted in my car has many previous recordings on it. Get a lawyer. You’re going to need one,” he warned.

Lisa also weighed in, saying in a comment of her own that the Page Six story was false — and that she didn’t know Rabia.

“Ummmmm? What … I read the article and pretty much everything in it is completely untrue if anyone would like proof or receipts let me know!” she wrote. “Also, I was dating somebody in July and August! I have never met this ex and I couldn’t identify her if she was standing in front of me. What a coincidence Lenny put out another defamatory untrue article with another publication about some supposed prescription drug use I’m sure that was concocted by his mistress her publicist, as I’ve seen them work with the same reporter before.”

rhom lisa hochstein denies jody dumped ex fiancee for her

In another comment, Lisa reacted to Lenny’s legal threat against Jody, saying, “Litigious Lenny has entered the chat. wtf.”

In response, a fan said, “The devil works hard, but Lenny works harder to smear Lisa’s name lol.”

And Lisa agreed.

“Now apparently this ex that I’ve never met or seen in my entire life is doing the same. For anyone to allege, I broke up anyone’s relationship after what I’ve been through is a reach and a stretch. Lenny and team are working overtime today,” she noted.

She then added, “Ok I guess I’ll have to start speaking up from now on. Interview month is going to be booked and busy.”

rhom lenny hochstein reacts to lenny slandering her name

In a series of additional messages, Lisa reacted to messages from fans.

“I don’t believe any negative press about Lisa. It’s all BS paid for [by] Lenny. It’s gross. They have kids. Stop publishing his false narrative,” one person wrote.

“He won’t stop,” Lisa replied. “He wants to hurt me and for what? I’ve moved out, we have an Msa he’s engaged. Leave me alone Lenny.”

Someone else said, “You are digging deep here. Sounds to [me] like he was single,” and Lisa confirmed, “He was.”

rhom lisa hochstein wants lenny to leave her alone and stop hurting her

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