RHOM’s Lenny Hochstein Accuses Lisa Hochstein of Emotional “Abuse” and Neglect, Claims They “Vacationed” With Her Rumored Boyfriend

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RHOM's Lenny Hochstein Accuses Lisa of "Abuse," Claims She Yelled, Embarrassed Him in Public, and Says They "Vacationed" With Rumored Boyfriend

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Lenny Hochstein accused estranged wife Lisa Hochstein of “abuse” in a shocking comment shared on Instagram.

As the plastic surgeon continues to face backlash for allegedly blindsiding the Real Housewives of Miami star with his request for divorce and his relationship with Katharina Mazepa, he’s fired back, claiming that despite his efforts to “sacrifice [his] life” for their kids, Logan, 7, and Elle, 3, Lisa’s supposed behavior led him to a breaking point in their marriage.

“Lisa treated me like her servant. She refused to help me with the smallest requests, yelled at me on a weekly if not daily basis, established a life completely away from me, stayed out partying when I was home, criticized everything I did (except working hard), shoved her friends who I disliked down my throat, embarrassed me in public in front of my friends and refused to do anything with me,” Lenny wrote in a lengthy post shared on the Reality Life With Kate Casey fan page on Facebook.

“When I told her how I felt she laughed at me and one of the guys she’s dating has been to our home, has vacationed with us and has had a ‘friendly’ relationship with her for [seven] years but I’m the bad guy?” he asked, potentially in reference to Lisa’s rumored flame Jody Glidden, who she celebrated New Year’s Eve with in Miami on Saturday and was seen with in New York City on December 12.

“I tried to sacrifice my life for the sake of our children for years but ultimately the abuse became too much,” Lenny added, asking, “You think you know the real Lisa?”

RHOM Lenny Hochstein Accuses Lisa of Abuse, Public Embarassment

As RHOM fans well know, Lenny has been under fire for weeks as his and Lisa’s split has continued to play out on the show, with Lisa revealing on last week’s episode that she actually caught Lenny with Katharina before he went public with their divorce last May.

“I went to the girl and I said, ‘Why are you doing this? Why are you so evil? Why are you such a homewrecker? Why are you destroying my family?’ And she looked at me and she licked her lips. She licked her lips!” Lisa recalled during a lunch meeting with Lenny’s mom, Marina Hochstein. “She was touching his back and just like… I lost it. I lost it. I was crying. I was shaking.”

“That’s disgusting… oh my God,” Marina replied. “What kind of woman is she? She’s evil!

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