See VIDEO of Lisa Hochstein Confronting Lenny’s GF Katharina Mazepa as She Licks Her Lips, Plus Lisa Shades Her as “Side Piece,” and RHOM Fans React

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VIDEO: See Footage of Katharina Mazepa Licking Lips at Lisa Hochstein Amid Run-In With Lenny as Lisa Shades Her as "Side Piece" and RHOM Fans React

Lisa Hochstein‘s mother-in-law, Marina Hochstein, just shared a shocking video of the Real Housewives of Miami cast member’s encounter with estranged husband Lenny Hochstein and much younger girlfriend Katharina Mazepa at a Formula 1 event, which was recently discussed on the show.

After Thursday’s new episode of the Peacock reality series saw Lisa, 40, telling Marina of the run-in, during which the 27-year-old model licked her lips at Lisa as she confronted her about “destroying” her family with Lenny, 56, a clip was leaked of Katharina doing just that as Lenny asked his wife, “What are you doing?”

“As Lisa and Larsa teased on the latest episode of [RHOM], Lisa confronted Lenny and the other woman at Formula 1 and here’s the video (including the lip licking!) posted by Lenny’s mom,” Queens of Bravo shared with their followers on Instagram, along with the video of Lenny and Katharina, who were first spotted together in May, prior to Lenny’s divorce announcement.

In the comments section of the post, fans of RHOM were understandably disturbed, with many wondering how Lisa remained so poised.

“Noooo both of the girls smiling … The devil is alive and kicking,” one person wrote, signaling to the way Katharina and her friend smiled and seemed to giggle as Katharina was confronted about her relationship with the married plastic surgeon.

“Lisa is a better person than I am,” another noted.

And a third agreed, writing, “I’m anti-violence but I would’ve dragged her after that lip lick. No ma’am.”

Meanwhile, someone else told Katharina, likely in a NeNe Leakes voice, “Close your legs to married men!”

“He has the audacity to ask what she’s doing yet he’s married and there with his GF??! I don’t condone violence but they would have both been dragged out of there,” shared another fan.

After the posting of the clip, Lisa took to her Instagram Story, where she posted a couple of screenshots of Lenny and Katharina, one of which featured “side piece” Katharina’s lip lick.

RHOM Lisa Hochstein Shares Pic of Katharina Lip Lick After Confrontation

During Thursday’s new episode of RHOM, Lisa broke down in tears to Lenny’s mom as she recounted her run-in with Lenny and Katharina while out to lunch.

“I went to the girl and I said, ‘Why are you doing this? Why are you so evil? Why are you such a homewrecker? Why are you destroying my family?’ And she looked at me and she licked her lips. She licked her lips!” Lisa exclaimed. “And then Lenny didn’t care. She was touching his back and just like… I lost it. I lost it. I was crying. I was shaking.”

“Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh!” Marina replied. “That’s disgusting… oh my God. What kind of woman is she? She’s evil!”

New episodes of The Real Housewives of Miami season five begin streaming on Peacock on Thursdays.