RHOM’s Lisa Hochstein Addresses Jody Glidden Dating Rumors, “Petty” Drama With Larsa, and If Lenny Knew He Was on Hot Mic, Plus Slams Katharina After Court Win

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RHOM's Lisa Hochstein Addresses Jody Glidden Dating Rumors, "Petty" Drama With Larsa, and If Lenny Knew He Was on Hot Mic, Plus Slams Katharina After Court Win

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Lisa Hochstein is responding to rumors suggesting she’s dating Jody Glidden amid her messy split from estranged husband Lenny Hochstein.

After being spotted with the tech CEO in New York City last week, the Real Housewives of Miami cast member set the record straight about the nature of their relationship before looking back on her “petty” drama with Larsa Pippen, Lenny’s hot mic moment, and his girlfriend Katharina Mazepa‘s “sore loser” reaction to her court win.

“[Jody]’s my friend. I’m not dating anyone seriously at all,” Lisa assured Page Six during a December 16 interview. “Of course I have friends. I meet people. I’m not dead. It’s been seven months but there’s no serious relationship on the horizon. I’m just trying to live my life and have fun.”

After Lisa was blindsided by Lenny with his request for divorce amid filming on the fifth season of RHOM, her issues with her castmates, namely Larsa, quickly diffused.

“That was a petty, silly fight. And when I look back at it, I’m almost embarrassed,” Lisa admitted of her drama with Larsa, which was prompted by claims they each made about one another’s finances. “In hindsight, look what I’m dealing with now in comparison to that. We got over that real quick and bygones are bygones and she’s been so supportive since.”

Since season five began streaming earlier this month, Lenny has been in the spotlight due to claims he made to a friend while on a hot mic. As RHOM fans have likely seen, he said he’d likely be single soon and said he stopped sleeping with Lisa because he didn’t want to cheat on the woman he truly cares about.

When asked if she felt Lenny truly didn’t realize he was being recorded, Lisa confirmed, “I really don’t think he knew.”

“He did say he was thinking in a couple months and that would’ve been the end of filming. So I think he was planning to do this at the end of filming. So yeah, I really don’t believe he would’ve put that out there on purpose,” she continued.

Understandably, having the storyline play out publicly hasn’t been easy for Lisa.

“It’s for sure way more difficult to do this publicly. Most people get to do it privately and that’s already hard enough. And then just to be blindsided and have all this happen while filming is just mind-blowing,” she noted.

And adding to the drama, of course, is the fact that Lenny so quickly moved on with his romance with Katharina, confirming the relationship on the very day he went public with the news of their divorce, and later commenting on Lisa’s own potential romances by accusing her of bringing not one but two men she was dating to their Halloween party.

“There is no truth to that whatsoever, and honestly even if I was dating, that’s my own private business,” Lisa said in response. “[And] why would someone that left me for someone else even comment on something like that months later when he’s fully in a relationship?”

Another point of contention between Lisa and Lenny was the restraining order Katharina attempted to get against the RHOM star. In fact, even after a judge dismissed the case due to “insufficient” evidence, Katharina accused Lisa of admitting to setting up a fake account to troll her.

“It just seems like this person is a sore loser,” Lisa explained. “The judge dismissed this and this judge is very credible. I’ve just never seen so much involvement from the third party in someone’s divorce. Like, I feel like I’m divorcing two people and it sucks. And I’m just trying to do the best I can and it’s just a lot of noise.”

Although Lisa said she did curl up into a ball “whenever [she] wasn’t filming” due to what she and Lenny were going through, she did her best to fulfill her duties on RHOM.

“I signed up for this. It’s my job. You know, I had to show up and I tried to do the best I could,” she said. “I definitely didn’t stay for the entire event it was. It was hard for me to be present. When I feel a certain way and I’m off, I like to just stay home. I don’t want people to see me in that state. So that was difficult, just to show up and support my friends.”

Also during the interview, after being asked if she had an ideal guy in mind, Lisa said the only idea in her mind is “peace and quiet.”

“I really just want to focus on getting through this, making sure my kids are okay. That’s my number one priority,” she stated. “I feel like I need to heal also. [And] I just don’t see how someone could deal with all this noise.”

Lisa then noted that while things are terrible between her and Lenny right now, she hopes they will one day find themselves in a better place.

“I am manifesting and hopeful that I just find happiness again and just can move forward and maybe one day, it’s so terrible now, but maybe one day we could be somewhat friends,” she noted. “So much has happened but I really hope that later in life, because we share children together, that we could be friends.”

The Real Housewives of Miami season five is currently streaming on Peacock.