RHOM: Lenny Hochstein’s Girlfriend Katharina Accuses Husband of “Abuse,” Plus Lisa Reacts to “Heartless” Lenny’s Hot Mic as He Denies Cheating

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RHOM's Lisa Hochstein Reacts to "Heartless" Lenny's Hot Mic as He Denies Cheating, Plus Katharina Accuses Ex of "Abuse," Confirms She's Living With Lenny

Lisa Hochstein is reacting to estranged husband Lenny Hochstein‘s hot mic moment on The Real Housewives of Miami, during which the plastic surgeon spoke of being “single” and claimed he was no longer sleeping with Lisa “because then I would be cheating on who I really care about.”

Just as Lenny’s girlfriend, Katharina Mazepa, 27, went public with the alleged “abuse” she sustained at the hands of her own estranged husband, Shilo Mazepa, and gushed over her “absolutely wonderful” romance with 56-year-old Lenny, Lisa, 40, admitted to being shocked at the way in which Lenny “[gloated]” about the relationship he was having outside of their marriage.

“That was the hardest thing to watch,” Lisa admitted to PEOPLE. “I was in disbelief. He almost said like there was a smirk on his face. There was no remorse for those words that came out of his mouth. Almost like he was gloating to his friend — like it was a joke; Like our whole marriage was a joke.”

As RHOM viewers will soon learn, Lenny informed Lisa he was leaving her off-camera just days after he was caught on a hot mic at her “Good Vibes” party. However, according to Lenny, who shares seven-year-old son Logan and three-year-old daughter Elle with the reality star, he never cheated.

“I’m not going to deny there was someone I was interested in pursuing. But I did pursue her after, not before,” Lenny insisted. “I had a friendship relationship with someone I thought was very special. But nothing became physical under after I told Lisa I wanted a divorce.”

“The truth is, Lisa and I haven’t had a traditional husband-and-wife relationship since 2021. Things had gotten so bad between us, we knew our marriage was over,” he added.

But in Lisa’s mind, as she explained to PEOPLE, the two of them were working to repair their marriage and had no intentions of splitting up.

“We always prided ourselves for being that couple that would stick through it,” she said. “We were sleeping in the same bed for the last 15 years up until that day he told dropped the bomb on me. I was blindsided.”

Lisa was blindsided by both Lenny’s divorce announcement and his romance with Katharina, which he confirmed on the very same day.

“It was like a punch in the face,” Lisa shared. “I found it incredibly hurtful. Like, how could you tell me one day we’re getting a divorce and then in the blink of an eye, you’re out there, gallivanting with this other woman? It was heartless.”

And when it came to Lenny’s past with Katharina, Lisa said she’d learned about his other woman well before he told her he was done with their marriage.

“Someone randomly messaged me once and said, ‘I’m so sorry, I just saw your husband with this woman’ — who fit her description — ‘outside of her building.’ And I immediately called him and asked him what was going on, but he denied it and said they were just friends,” she revealed.

“Still, I always thought that something was going on with her; it always made me feel very uncomfortable, the way their interactions were,” Lisa continued. “She was just always around, always private messaging, always with the comments back and forth on Instagram, always with the flirting. But every time I would confront him, he would play it off like it was nothing. And I just kept on giving him the benefit of the doubt.”

Looking back, Lisa is disgusted with Lenny’s handling of their breakup, saying, “He could have done it with some respect towards me, the mother of his kids, but there was none of that.”

In other news, court documents obtained by The U.S. Sun show Katharina accusing Shilo, 34, of being abusive toward her both during and after their marriage.

After filing for divorce after three years of marriage and eight months of separation in June, the month after Lenny filed for divorce from Lisa, Katharina accused Shilo of “a pattern of stalking, surveillance, verbal threats, and physical attacks.”

In her October 2022 filing, Katharina detailed Shilo’s alleged “abuse” and multiple “domestic violence” incidents, saying that at one point, Shilo, who lives in Washington D.C., “hit” her and “left her with a black eye.”

During another recent attack, Katharina claimed Shilo came to her home intoxicated in the middle of the night and “started threatening her and pinned her down on the bed and assaulted her to an [extent] of leaving visible bruises on her body.” He even allegedly made the model “look him in the eyes while [he] assaulted her.”

Katharina also said Shilo flew to her hometown in Austria when she was introducing Lenny to her family.

Katharina is “frightened of him,” the documents stated, proceeding to accuse Shilo of dragging his feet on their divorce by demanding they “attend couple’s therapy before accepting service.”

Shilo has accused Katharina of marrying him for immigration purposes, but according to Katharina, she got a 10-year Green Card approved a few months ago based on an abuse waiver.

“My immigration case is bulletproof,” Katharina confirmed.

Meanwhile, in response to the allegations, Shilo told The U.S. Sun, “Similar to what Lisa stated, these are all baseless allegations. I’ll be working with my attorney on an appropriate legal response to this defamation.”

As RHOM fans well know, Katharina also accused Lisa of stalking in harassment, but after a judge found no “just cause” and “insufficient” evidence, her case was dismissed.

“​Katharina hopes that she will not have to file a new restraining order against Lisa Hochstein in the future,” Katharina’s rep said as the model claimed Lisa ​has been communicating with Shilo to “compare notes” on their marriages.

Despite the drama, Katharina said things between her and Lenny are “better than ever.”

“Things are absolutely wonderful. We just got back from Tulum, which was perfect just to be together and detach a bit from the drama,” she shared. “We have been living together since the summer. The relationship is better than ever.”

Katharina then said that Lisa and Lenny agreed to wait to file for divorce until after production on RHOM season five wrapped.

“She was putting on a façade of a perfect marriage,” Katharina claimed.

The Real Housewives of Miami season five is currently streaming on Peacock.