RHOM’s Lisa Hochstein Accuses Ex Lenny of Trying to “Financially Strangle Her” Amid Messy Divorce

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RHOM’s Lisa Hochstein Accuses Lenny of Trying to “Financially Strangle Her” Amid Messy Divorce

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The bitter divorce between The Real Housewives of Miami couple Lisa Hochstein and Lenny Hochstein keeps becoming messier as the months pass.

Just days after Lenny’s new girlfriend, Katharina Mazepa, filed a restraining order against Lisa for allegedly harassing her online and creating fake Instagram accounts attacking her character, Lisa is coming out with claims of her own. She’s stating that her estranged husband, Lenny, is trying to “financially strangle her” amid their ongoing divorce.

According to Page Six, Lisa has filed new legal documents claiming that Lenny “retaliates by restricting [her] access to funds” when she does not meet every one of his demands. All the while, he shamelessly funds and flaunts his luxurious lifestyle with Katharina in Lisa’s face.

The documents continue by stating, “While the husband is presently traveling on a no-expensed-spared vacation with his presumed girlfriend to Europe, he has left the wife and children without cash, access to funds and less than $3,000 of available credit on [their] joint credit card.”

Lisa has allegedly tried to reason with Lenny for not maintaining what she calls the “status quo” of their current arrangement. She has “expressed serious reservations” about his spending as he has requested to “host, produce, and throw a lavish Halloween party with his girlfriend at the marital home for 800-1,000 people with the children present,” the documents allege.

According to Lisa, her concerns have fallen on “deaf ears,” and Lenny has put the RHOM star in “financial peril” with his reckless spending at the expense of the former couple’s two children, seven-year-old son Logan and two-year-old daughter Elle.

Lisa also added that whenever she tries to confront Lenny, he “verbally [confronts] her with demeaning comments.”

As for Katharina’s cyberbullying accusations, Lisa issued a statement saying that she has “no time for Katharina’s childish antics and accusations. They are false and just show her true colors and motives. I have my children to focus on, and I am trying to keep them away from her and this negativity. None of these allegations are true.”

Neither Lenny nor Katharina has responded to Lisa’s claims.

The Real Housewives of Miami has wrapped up filming season five of the franchise, however, no premiere date has been announced.