RHOM Star Lisa Hochstein Has Restraining Order Filed Against Her by Husband Lenny Hochstein’s Girlfriend Katharina Mazepa

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Lenny Hochstein's GF Katharina Mazepa Files Restraining Order Against Lisa Hochstein, Accuses RHOM Star of Harassment

More drama amid the ongoing volatile divorce of Real Housewives of Miami stars Lenny Hochstein and Lisa Hochstein.

Dr. Lenny’s 26-yr-old girlfriend, Katharina Mazepa, has just filed a restraining order against his estranged wife, Lisa.

Us Weekly broke the news stating that in the restraining order, filed on July 27, the model girlfriend of the 55-year-old plastic surgeon is accusing Lisa, 40, of harassing her online.

In court documents, Katharina alleges that RHOM star Lisa created several fake accounts on Instagram while also claiming that Lenny was unfaithful to his spouse with her during their marriage.

“I have chosen not to respond back with threatening, or distasteful messages to Lisa but rather deal with this in a professional and proper manner which is through the judicial system,” Katharina told Us Weekly in a statement. “I am hopeful through this filing to allow the public to know the real truth, which is that I was not involved with Lenny until after Lisa and him had separated. … It is only after Lenny’s separation that we began dating and having a relationship.”

Katharina continued, “The truth is I am not a homewrecker, I am not someone destroying a family, and I am not someone acting in an inappropriate manner as is being stated publicly by Lisa. This filing will prove that, and the injunctive relief for her that has already been granted by a judge will hopefully stop the online bullying, stalking, harassing, and threatening behavior from Lisa.”

“It is unfortunate that Lisa has taken the low road to make such false allegations which presumably are being made to gain an advantage over Lenny in the divorce proceedings which is inappropriate,” she added. “I look forward to just focusing on protecting my physical and emotional well-being, my reputation, my business relationships, and living a peaceful life with my boyfriend.”

A rep for Katharina also spoke to the outlet, stating that the injunction was filed to put an end to Lisa’s alleged bullying and harassment, alleging that claims had been made up by Lisa “solely for the purpose to harm Katharina’s physical safety, emotional well-being, reputation, and business.”

For the time being, Lisa has yet to respond to Katharina’s allegations.

This news comes just weeks after Lisa and Lenny both put on a united front as they celebrated the seventh birthday of their son Logan together.

Following 12 years of marriage, and two kids together, Lenny filed for divorce from Lisa in May as he stated there was no reasonable hope for reconciliation. Lisa stated back then that she was “blindsided” by the split.

The Real Housewives of Miami season five wrapped up filming weeks ago. Peacock has yet to announce its air date.