RHOM’s Lisa Hochstein Gives Update on Living Situation Amid Divorce and if She Talks to Lenny, Plus She Talks Relationship With His Mom, Dating, and If Lenny Wanted Open Marriage

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RHOM's Lisa Hochstein Shares Update on House, If She Talks to Lenny, and Her Relationship With His Mom, Plus Dating and If Lenny Wanted Open Marriage

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Lisa Hochstein spoke candidly about her messy divorce from husband Lenny Hochstein on Monday night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live.

After the first set of episodes of The Real Housewives of Miami season five detailed the moments leading up to their split, including 56-year-old Lenny’s poor treatment of Lisa and interest in another woman, Lisa, 40, appeared on Andy Cohen‘s late-night talk show, where she offered an update on their $52 million Star Island mansion, their communication, and more.

“We’re currently in litigation over that. I’m living in our house with the kids and he’s living elsewhere,” Lisa confirmed on the December 12 episode of WWHL. (Lenny’s girlfriend, Katharina Mazepa, 27, revealed he’s living with her earlier this week.)

Although Lisa admitted there were red flags leading up to Lenny’s announcement regarding their divorce, she said she was “devastated” and “shocked” by Lenny’s hot mic moment of season five, during which he spoke of being “single” soon and feeling like he’d be cheating on someone he didn’t name if he were to sleep with his wife.

“[It] almost confirmed some suspicions I’ve had. I mean, I always thought something might have been going on but I wasn’t sure,” she explained.

As for how Lenny responded to being caught on the hot mic, Lisa said she doesn’t know because they “don’t really talk.”

“Barely, just about the kids. And that’s it,” she shared.

When a fan called in to ask if Lisa still believes that Lenny didn’t cheat with the woman he previously admitted to having an emotional affair with, allegedly Morgan Osman, who sent flowers to Lenny to congratulate him on their split, Lisa said she doesn’t believe he did.

“I had access to his [DMs] and they didn’t know… I could see their communication. I saw his things on an iPad and I didn’t see anything like that and they both say that nothing happened,” she revealed.

As for whether or not Lenny’s mom knew he was cheating, Lisa confirmed she had “no idea” and was definitely “Team Lisa” — at first.

“She was definitely on my side in the beginning, and today, you know, it’s her only son so she’s more on his side,” she explained.

During the WWHL episode, Lisa was joined by her RHOM castmate and friend, Larsa Pippen, who she named as her most supportive co-star.

“They’re all supportive but [Larsa] has come through in many different ways,” Lisa stated. “She has been my number one supporter through this. She’s gone through something very similar herself so she’s been a great friend to lean on and given me great advice.”

Looking back at the final moments of her marriage to Lenny, Lisa said she should’ve paid more attention to the red flags.

“There were some signs and I maybe just ignored them or didn’t dig too deep into them but for sure there were signs,” she noted.

As she moves forward, Lisa said that while she isn’t exactly dating, she’s “not dead” either.

“I’m focusing on my kids right now. [But] I’m having a little fun here and there,” she said, “[pleading the fifth]” when asked if she was sleeping with anyone.

As RHOM fans continue to tune into the show, they’ll soon learn that Lenny informed Lisa of his plans for divorce two days after their “Good Vibes” party.

“I thought we were in a good place. We were holding hands and taking photos together. Everything seemed lovely, and then two days later he was acting super strange and I asked him, ‘What’s up?’ Because I felt something was off. And then he said, ‘We’re getting a divorce. And if you don’t…’ I forget the exact words but, ‘You’re going to get a front-row seat to me dating,’” she recalled.

As Lisa revealed during an episode of season five, she was taken aback by the fact that Lenny had taken up working out. However, she didn’t necessarily think he was doing it for anyone else.

“I honestly thought, maybe I’m naive or whatever, but I thought that was for me,” she admitted. “I was like, ‘Wow, he’s finally taking my advice.’ I’m like, ‘Lenny, you look great. You look amazing.’ We were bonding over that. We were working out together, actually, with the trainer.”

Regarding Lenny’s other season five behavior, including the aggression he showed toward her as she tried to call 911 when one of their staffers broke her arm, Lisa said, “Lenny is who he is.”

“He’s always been that way so I really didn’t think anything of it but everyone around me saw what was going on,” she shared.

While Lenny certainly didn’t skip a beat when it came to moving on from his marriage to Lisa, Lisa confirmed to Andy that he never asked for an open marriage.

“No. He’s very shy and doesn’t… no,” she said.

Also on WWHL, Lisa addressed Lenny’s relationship with filming.

“He was all for it in the beginning and I think, I don’t know, I’m just speculating, maybe that hot mic moment, maybe he thought afterwards, ‘Oh sh-t.’ Maybe he thought about it afterwards and thought, ‘Damn, I think they might have picked up on that,'” Lisa suspected. “I have no idea what was going on through his mind but he was all for filming, and then of course, when he dropped the bomb, no more filming. He didn’t want to be part of it.”

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