Lisa Hochstein Alleges She Was “Physically” Abused Amid Divorce From Lenny, & Slams Katharina as a “Predator” Who Targeted “Other Families,” Plus Costars Tell Her to Stop Talking About Ex to Boyfriend Jody in RHOM Preview

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RHOM's Lisa Hochstein Says Lenny Abused Her "Verbally, Physically, and Emotionally," Slams Katharina as a "Predator" Who Targeted "Other Families"

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Lisa Hochstein made shocking claims against her estranged husband, Lenny Hochstein, and his fiancee, Katharina Nahlik, in the comments section of an Instagram clip teasing an upcoming scene from The Real Housewives of Miami.

After Lisa, 41, was seen breaking down to her castmates over the “torture” she’s sustained from Lenny, 57, and Katharina, 28, the mother of two took to the comments, where she alleged she was “abused verbally, physically, and emotionally,” and she said Katharina targeted “other families” before breaking up hers.

“I feel like he doesn’t give a damn about me, the mother of the two kids, the fact that I helped build and help [run] the business, he doesn’t want to give me any credit. It’s disgusting,” Lisa told her co-stars in the RHOM sneak peek, shared by the Real Housewive Zone on Instagram. “I’m disgusted.”

As the ladies attempted to stop Lisa from mentioning Katharina, Lisa continued on, complaining that the model’s antics “drag [her] kids into it.”

“And that’s pissing me off. They should all be sued for dragging my kids into it,” she declared, signaling to her eight-year-old son Logan and three-year-old daughter Elle.

“He has tortured me my entire life and I’m f*cking sick of it,” Lisa added.

Then, as the RHOM cast reminded Lisa that she has a great man in her new boyfriend Jody Glidden, who she’s been dating for about one year, Lisa admitted she still cries at night.

“Even though I have Jodi in my life, I cry almost every night. Almost every night for one year I’ve been crying for one f*cking year dealing with Lenny because every day is a fight,” she revealed.

Following the sharing of the post, an Instagram user accused Lisa of being more upset about the loss of her over-the-top lifestyle on Star Island than the end of her marriage.

Lisa fired back at the commenter who criticized her as she opened up about her “embarrassing” divorce and uttered shocking claims against her ex.

“Divorcing while on this show is extremely difficult and embarrassing. There is no privacy and I have to always be thinking that my kids may someday read and believe the nonsense that these [three] put out into the public,” Lisa told the IG user. “You have no idea what went on other than what you see on TV. I was abused verbally, physically, and emotionally to an [extent] that you wouldn’t know because most of it I kept private.”


In another message to the same fan, the RHOM cast member targeted Katharina, alleging that before pursuing a romance with Lenny amid their marriage, she went after the husbands of others.

“I know of no other divorce where a 30 year younger mistress who’s barely matured yet, is continually plotting and strategizing with PR and with Lenny’s money in order to try to [make] herself famous,” Lisa wrote. “And forgiven for breaking up a family with tiny children on purpose.”

“I believe after talking with other targets, that she was a predator who tried this with other families before mine and finally found a target that it worked on,” Lisa claimed. “Most people who cheat, at least quietly move on with their lives so the other person can heal. They don’t attack the victim of the breakup that now has to figure out her life, her kids, her income, and how to protect her children all at the same time.”

RHOM Lisa Hochstein Slams Katharina as Predator Who Tried to Break Up Multiple Families

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