RHOM Recap: Lisa Hochstein Reacts to Lenny Denying Divorce, Weight Loss, and “Instagram H-es” Ruining Marriage, Plus Martina Talks Kiss With Gwyneth Paltrow

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RHOM Recap: Lisa Hochstein on Lenny Denying Divorce, Weight Loss, and "Instagram H-es" Ruining Marriage, Plus Martina Talks Kiss With Gwyneth Paltrow

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Lisa Hochstein‘s messy split from Lenny Hochstein continued to play out on the just-released January 5 episode of The Real Housewives of Miami.

After Lisa was seen revealing to Lenny’s mom, Marina Hochstein, on last week’s episode that she had run into Lenny at a nightclub with his girlfriend, Katharina Mazepa, who proudly licked her lips when confronted about “destroying” their family, Lisa reacted to Lenny’s public denial of a divorce.

“I’m to really quite sure why he would deny it. I’m not sure why he would deny after telling me so confidently that we are done, we are over, we are not getting back together,” Lisa explained to a producer in a confessional.

“It’s one thing to go through a divorce or separation privately but now I have to go through it publicly. It’s embarrassing. It’s really f-cking with me. I wake up and check the news and there I am. There I am, in the news, my marriage, front and center. My children are going to read about this and it’s f-cked up,” she continued, adding that she hadn’t yet told her kids about her and Lenny’s split because she felt they were too young to understand.

The stress of her divorce from Lenny, as well as his new relationship with Katharina, has taken its toll on the RHOM cast member, and her co-star, Marysol Patton, couldn’t help but notice she was looking “so thin” at a group gathering.

“I lost a few pounds. I can’t eat. It’s like the stress… It’s like every day is worse,” Lisa admitted.

And when her castmates wanted to know why Lenny would deny their split after being caught with his girlfriend, Lisa confirmed there was “no working out” their marriage, as Lenny claimed, and she said she had “no idea” why he’d lie.

She then confessed that when it came to her and Lenny’s parties, she suspected something was going on with her husband.

“I noticed something weird, like maybe an attraction, a crush, or whatever, at our parties. I hate these f-cking parties. You think I like these parties? I don’t like the randoms at my house,” she shared.

And in a confessional, Lisa explained Miami is a “very difficult place to be married.”

“And then you add these parties and this lifestyle and these girls and these Instagram h-es, this all contributed to the demise of our marriage, 100 percent,” she stated.

Also on the latest episode of RHOM, Larsa Pippen confronted Julia Lemigova amid Adriana de Moura‘s music video shoot, telling her someone caught her making out with a man at the Four Seasons. And in response, Julia admitted to the makeout but insisted the man in question, an unnamed designer, was nothing more than a friend who wanted to give onlookers a cheap thrill.

Then, after Julia explained to Larsa that it was okay to be cheeky and make out with friends, noting that a behind-closed-doors makeout would be a different story, Larsa accuses her of lying in a confessional.

Later, at a party thrown by Julia and wife Martina Navratilova at their home, Julia accuses Larsa of setting a “trap” before Larsa informs the tennis player of what she was told.

“I would prefer for Julia to make out with a man than a woman. When I kissed Gwyneth Paltrow on TV, this one did not like it that much,” Martina replied.

“I hated it. I would be jealous [if it was] anybody,” Julia admitted.

Martina then revealed she made out with a man in the “tennis world” in the 1990s.

On next week’s episode of RHOM, fans will watch as Lisa and Lenny battle on the phone.

“You don’t care about the children whatsoever. If you did, you wouldn’t be doing this,” Lisa tells her estranged spouse.

“F-ck you,” he replies.

New episodes of The Real Housewives of Miami season five begin streaming every Thursday on Peacock.