RHOSLC Recap: Heather Exposes Monica as Blogger Reality Von Tease and Claims Jen Shah Gave Her the Black Eye, Plus Monica is Kicked Out of Group as She Defends Herself

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RHOSLC Recap: Heather Exposes Monica as Blogger Reality Von Tease and Claims Jen Shah Gave Her the Black Eye, Plus Monica is Kicked Out of Group as She Defends Herself

This week on the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, the Bermuda Triangle mysteries will be revealed. We find out what information was shared in Heather’s mystery phone call that was teased at the beginning of the season, and Monica Garcia is exposed as the blogger behind an Instagram troll page that bullied the women for years. Grab a spirit and some popcorn, and let us watch!

We start off with Heather in her flowing yellow caftan ready to make a big announcement — but we don’t know who to yet. Heather says that she is not who she says she is, and we can conclude now Monica is finally going to get her comeuppance. Thunderclaps and storm clouds are swirling, and then we go back eight hours.

Monica wakes up, and she is sharing a bed with Whitney. She looks like most of us would in the morning, but Whitney has full makeup on. Doesn’t she ever wash her face at night, and doesn’t she know that sh*t does not come out of pillowcases? Whitney was clearly drunk the night before after telling Heather she was exploiting her sexuality. Monica tells Whit that Lisa has been calling her dramatic after her parking lot meltdown, which irks Whit. Meredith should now get a reprieve on this trip since Whitney is changing the narrative to her issues with Heather.

Whitney visits Heather’s room to chat about the night before. She pretends like she wasn’t aware of what was in the book. Heather reminds her that she removed the wording Whit did not like and read the entire excerpt to her before having it published. Whitney still thinks that Heather included information that she was not comfortable sharing. She resents that Heather used the Titanic analogy and suggested it was more than just an innocent photoshoot for her husband. Side note: Whit’s storyline this season between marriage problems and being annoyed over the book is tiresome. She had her little “fillings” hurt repeatedly this season. Yawn.

Angie is excited about a trip through town on mopeds and doing some shopping. Heather is worried that Mer will be challenged since she has not driven in a while. Monica gets yelled at, and it won’t be the only time this episode since she is driving like a maniac. Monica is enjoying her trip even though she did not get to visit her family. Heather wants to buy some perfume but forgot her credit card. Monica ironically can purchase it for her, and it costs $725. Production then jumps one hour later…

Heather gets a call back at the house from someone who is sharing information that is making her freak out. Production lets themselves into her room so they can pick up the conversation. Heather is totally losing it after receiving this information and tells the producers to get out of her room.

Four hours later, the ladies are getting ready for dinner, and we know we will finally be told what the big mystery is. Heather starts the night off with her suspicions that things are not always what they seem. Friendships will be changed forever, and they are in the perfect location for unsolved mysteries.

They repurposed those creepy little dolls from the pioneer luncheon. Each lady gets to ask a question of the person who belongs to the doll in front of them. Whit wants Lisa to answer about the dramatic comment but does not understand her hypocrisy. Mer asks Heather why she did not get any support from her. Heather mentions everyone believed Monica over Mer, and she looks at Monica like she is a rattlesnake ready to pounce. She ends up asking Monica her mystery question instead of Mer. Who is the real Monica? Heather then goes on the attack and accuses Monica of wanting to profit from their lives and pain. Monica sits there and looks like she is clenching her butthole fearful to see where this is heading.

We then jump back before dinner, where Heather is blowing in the gale-force winds. Heather is having her pow-wow with the ladies on the beach, minus Angie and Monica. She lets them know there is a troll among them who has infiltrated their group. Monica is Reality Von Tease, who has tormented all of them, and they have just spent the last few days celebrating this woman’s birthday. She created an account over three years ago that was dedicated to annihilating and exposing Jen Shah. The account was quickly expanded to troll all of them. Monica has been assassinating all their characters right under all their refurbished noses.

Heather has found this out from a mutual friend Tenesha, who is a hair stylist and friend of Monica. Heather noticed that Monica had a way of handling sensitive information that made her feel so uneasy and reminded her of Jen Shah and her tactics. She wants to confront Monica at dinner and wants them to have her back. Mer gets emotional hearing Monica is trying to hurt them.

Heather had another friend investigate all of this, and she found the information credible about Monica being tied to this account. She first became suspicious when she went to buy Monica a gift card for her birthday and discovered three Monicas with the same birthday in Beauty Lab’s system. Heather also found that one of them owes Beauty Lab a lot of money. Heather then calls Monica a cyberbully and a troll who has trolled them all.

Back at the dinner table, Monica then says she was not the only one involved in this account. She mentions that there were several other humans involved, but bottom line, their mission was to take down Jen Shah, and these ladies were just collateral damage. Angie tries to interject, and Monica suggests that she enjoyed the stories on this account and found humor in them, which production shows. Monica takes credit for exposing Jen Shah and leaking the videos that showed what a disgusting human being she was. She then claims Tenesha started this account. Heather is incredulous that they found Monica to be this truth seeker, and she was really the most devious liar in the group.

Lisa and Monica then start shouting at each other. Monica goes to her tried and true gut punch retort: “You are a dumb piece of leather rubbery bits.” Monica then defends her actions and claims her motives were to expose Jen Shah, who was one of the worst humans she ever met in her life. She does not think that what she did was worse than scamming elderly people. Heather lets Monica know this group went through hell trying to stand by their friend, and they were tormented and tortured for it. She then lets us finally know that Jen Shah gave her the black eye, and she protected her. The other ladies look stunned hearing this finally, and all I can think this is the best television I have seen all week.

Heather orders Monica to go pack her bags and exit the island. In her confessional, Monica is not surprised that this has finally been exposed. She is unrepentant and thinks all gossip and its origins all become known at some point. Monica then lets us know she has so much more to say and will be sharing it at the reunion.

We then get our ending notes:

Heather is raising her girls and still does not want to talk about their sex life or her own. Whitney continues to navigate the bumpy road of marriage, work, and family. Blah, blah, blah. Lisa has kept herself busy with her new favorite hobby, Henry. Angie and Shawn are very committed to working on their marriage, starting with more date nights and alone time. Meredith went home and immediately upgraded to a jacuzzi in her rental. Monica has not spoken with the other women or her mother, and she is focused on raising her daughters and continuing to look for ways to milk her 15 minutes of fame.

WOW, what a great finale episode! We will be treated to three reunion episodes, which look entertaining to watch. I want to wish all of you Blurbers a Happy New Year, and see you tonight in Miami!