Monica Garcia Leaks Texts Showing Her Involvement With IG Account ‘RealityVonTease’ as Ex-Friend Tenesha Also Shares Receipts, and Why She “File[d] a Police Report” Against Monica

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Monica Garcia Leaks Texts Showing Her Involvement With IG Account 'RealityVonTease' as Ex-Friend Tenesha Also Shares Receipts, and Why She “File[d] a Police Report” Against Monica

Monica Garcia and her ex-friend Tenesha Luckett– who outed Monica as the secret blogger behind the Reality Von Tease gossip page – are now leaking messages, videos, and photos to prove the other’s involvement.

Reality Von Tease, as Heather Gay revealed on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, spread rumors about several castmates, but the page’s goal was to expose Jen Shah. Most famously, the account leaked a video of Jen threatening her clothing designer Koa Johnson, who is, like Monica, a former member of the Shah Squad.

“Receipts! Proof! Timeline! Screenshots! F**KING EVERYTHING,” wrote Monica on Instagram before revealing her alleged message exchange with Tenesha.

“We started postin it not knowing what it was,” Tenesha allegedly wrote in the past message, “but we’ll continue posting it forever just because this is the page that never ends … it goes on and on my friends.”

In another message, Tenesha allegedly suggested “” as the fake email to use for the account.

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“I’m glad I didn’t say anything b**chy or mean,” wrote Monica.

“Start posting the good s**t!!!” Tenesha allegedly responded.

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In another message, Tenesha allegedly called another castmate “the devil,” but she said “our focus is Jen.”

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On her own Instagram, shared by @bravosnarkside, Tenesha posted a video admitting she was “fully aware” of the gossip account, and she was “fully around for all of it.”

She claimed she was only “supporting” her friends and “doing the right thing” – because they had “gone through traumatic experiences.”

According to Tenesha, she was “loyal to a fault,” but as her career took off she stopped wanting to hear about the page. She also said Monica would ask for Heather’s address, and she claimed Monica and Koa would sit in Jen’s neighborhood “for hours.”

“She would always try to figure out all these ladies’ addresses and stuff,” said Tenesha. “I’m like, ‘Heather’s my new client. I’m not gonna tell you her address’ … I know what you’re capable of, and now you’re doing it to me.”

Tenesha claimed Monica got a boyfriend who lived in Tenesha’s neighborhood, 17 seconds from her house, and Tenesha had to “file a police report” because Monica “likes to go to people’s neighborhoods … This girl knows no bounds.”

Tenesha then shared a photo Monica allegedly took from the street outside Jen’s house with a red mark pointing to Jen in the window. In another leaked video, Monica filmed herself “in disguise, driving by Jen’s house.”

“I think I might have found my father’s actual descent,” said Monica, touching what seemed to be a shirt she had wrapped around her face.

A different message exchange showed Monica presumably asking Koa if he was ready to release the video of Jen. Monica then allegedly wrote that Jen unfollowed the page, removed them as a follower, and she called her a “f**k face stanky b**ch.”

Koa allegedly told Monica to “let it go,” as it would be “less drama for us to evade any confrontation with her.”

“Agreed,” replied Tenesha. “Just drop it from the vontease side and just ask her directly for your money.”

“That’s why I don’t want to post anymore from vontease,” Monica allegedly responded.

Image credit: @tenesha_styles/Instagram via @bravosnarkside/Instagram

Image credit: @tenesha_styles/Instagram via @bravosnarkside/Instagram