RHOM Recap: Alexia & Marysol Confront Ana Quincoces for Talking Smack About Them and Accuse Nicole of Set Up, Plus Lisa Unleashes on Julia and Guerdy Undergoes Surgery for Cancer Removal

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RHOM Recap: Alexia & Marysol Confront Ana for Talking Smack About Them and Accuse Nicole of Set Up, Plus Lisa Unleashes on the Julia and Guerdy Undergoes Surgery for Cancer Removal

Our Real Housewives of Miami are experiencing more Mamacita Madness! Nicole/Adriana has invited Ana Quincoces to the Mother’s Day Brunch, which has driven Alexia and Marysol to go mad! Grab your cocktails and sanity — you will need it!

Alexia and Marysol are vacating the brunch before Ana can be sprung on them, which they deem to be a set up by Nicole for an ambush. They both are furious with Nicole for subjecting them to Ana, who has described Marysol as a dead person. Julia is trying to convince them to come back inside, but they have no interest in engaging with Ana. She is well aware that Adriana has deliberately invited Ana to stir the pot and share information on Alexia’s finances. Kiki does not know Ana, but she has heard her talk trash about Marysol on a podcast, which production shows. Side note: Ana has not been around this group for 10 years, and the addition of her clearly shows production influence to increase drama within the group. She was never an interesting character, so bringing her back in makes no sense.

Lisa pulls up with Larsa and starts beeping at the ladies — in her cleaning lady’s Honda. Guerdy does not find it amusing that Lisa is making fun of driving a vehicle that she believes is beneath her. She comes to brunch with Russell’s sister, who is a mother to six and looks like his twin. Marysol gets Alexia to leave so they can get a drink #shocker.

Adriana and Ana chat in the car on the way there about her being a star. Alexia is not going to like someone else being referred to as a star. Back at the table, Lisa remembers Ana and resents that she thought Lenny should just have eaten her at the Vegas pool and not married the leftovers. Larsa tells Guerdy that they drove the Honda because she made it an issue about Lisa driving Lenny’s car. Lisa is annoyed that Guerdy is asking questions about their finances. She then pivots to Julia when she questioned how her kids were that night. Julia refuses to apologize to Lisa since she is not sorry for questioning Lisa about her kids. Side note: Nicole has hired a poet to write kind words in poem form, and he is furiously pecking away at his typewriter. This is such a juxtaposition in this scene.

Yikes, now things are improving, and Adriana waltzes in with Ana. Lisa gets a thoughtful poem and then a pep talk from Ana telling her she is a good mom. She tells Ana that Alexia and Marysol left because she was attending the party. Ana denies that she said Marysol was a rotting corpse — her daughter did. She does admit in a clip that Marysol’s tongue is lapping Alexia’s a*shole, which is a grossly reminiscent visual of Tre and Jen in RHONJ. Larsa questions why Adriana did not stop Ana from coming, and Adriana lets her know she is not the host. Adriana also reminds Larsa that she has been too busy being KK’s rectal occupant to know anything going on within the group for the last ten years. Lisa leaves the table and calls Alexia and Marysol to let them know they need to come back to defend themselves.

Alexia roars back in her red Ferrari amped up on liquid courage and rejoins the table with Marysol, who is always liquored up. Ana sits at the table while her past with some members of this group is dissected. Alexia then goes for a low blow, telling Nicole that her mom is not there because she has been mean to her. Nicole will not take this guff from Alexia and tries to shut her down, but when someone pulls Alexia’s chain, she never shuts up until she runs out of air. Guerdy can no longer take this nonsense when she has real-life sh*t that she will be dealing with the next day. Alexia keeps shouting to Nicole, “You are not that nice.” On repeat. We have a montage of screaming and a counter with the people who are storming out. Ana even storms out after realizing this was a HUGE mistake.

In the early morning, Guerdy is heading to the hospital with Russell for her surgery. She is having a partial mastectomy on her left breast. Guerdy wants to talk to her parents and her dad prays for her surgery. Russell lets her parents know that he will let them know when she is finished with surgery. They have such a beautiful relationship, and this is not common in the Housewives world. Nicole calls Russell to check in, but Guerdy is still in surgery.

Adriana goes over to Julia’s house but almost gets soaked by her dog Zorro, who is getting a bath. Julia defends Alexia to Adriana, much to her dismay. She explains that they are forming a legit friendship, and she does not want to destroy it. Adriana is annoyed her BFF is trying to befriend the Cuban doll. Julia does not want Nicole to take the fall for bringing Ana when Adriana is the one who extended the invitation. She recalls that after the luncheon she was able to make nice and essentially make out with Lisa to show her love to her friend. Lisa just saw her behavior as she wanted to f*ck the man-made doll.

Adriana storms out when she feels Julia is not taking up for her. She is watching her BFF decide things for herself and not allow Adriana to influence her. Julia is a real friend since she recognizes what Adriana was trying to do.

Nicole and Anthony are checking on the home they are remodeling, which has insane views. Anthony enjoys the renovation part of the process. Nicole shares that the luncheon turned into a sh*tshow. Anthony mentions running into Alexia and Marysol when he was meeting with a client. He mentions that they shared that the luncheon got super-heated, and they hit the road for cockies.

Marysol visits Alexia and Frankie at their soon-to-be-sold apartment in the sky. They commiserate about the Mother’s Day massacre. Alexia again makes the point that even Nicole’s mom was not there, which was a red flag, insinuating Nicole is the devious one who is out to get the two of them. Alexia needs to start packing up her glass penthouse since the clock is ticking.

Back in real life, Russell brings home Guerdy and she greets her boys. Liam plans something to comfort her, and this is a touching moment for her family. Guerdy is happy this is over, but she still needs to wait for the pathology report. She lovingly embraces her boys who have set up photos, cards, and something to drink for their ailing mom. Guerdy is the only one in this entire episode who is dealing with significant issues that are out of her control — but she has the best support system in her family.

Next week, the drama continues, and Guerdy shares that she still has more surgery to come. Have a terrific Thursday, Blurbers, and see you next week in SLC for the Reunion!