Below Deck Med’s Jessika Asai Kisses Max After Luka Keeps His Options Open Amid Flirtationship With Natalya

by Barnell Anderson Comments
Below Deck Med’s Jessika Asai Kisses Max Salvador After Luka Brunton Keeps His Options Open Amid Flirtationship With Natalya

Credit: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo

This season of Below Deck Mediterranean may be coming to a close, but the relationship drama is heating up. This is especially the case with Jessika and Luka‘s not-so-serious relationship. Now, it seems Jessika is planning to have as much fun as possible as he becomes more occupied with other women.

As fans know, Luka has a very active and sporadic love life. Of course, none of the on-ship relationships are serious, as he has an off-screen partner. Still, it seems Jessika feels differently about their status.

According to US Weekly, the preview for the finale of Below Deck Mediterranean recently premiered. In it, fans see that Natalya returns to the ship for the crew’s last night. Of course, this also means that whatever she has with Luka picks up where it left off. Unfortunately, Jessika sees it all.

Making matters worse, Luka is also seen in the preview saying, “I got backups. Hundred percent.” This leads Jessika to say, “He’s playing games. If they can, why can’t I?” After this, she makes out with Max right in front of Lilly. She then says to Lilly, “He’s a good kisser. I’m just saying.”

Regarding Luka’s relationships this season, he started with Natalya. However, she was involved with someone off-screen. She then left, but the two kept in touch. He even once said, “Imagine if people found out I was texting Natalya” to the cameras.

He later moved on to Jessika, which lasted for the duration of the season. However, he didn’t want to be in a relationship. This was a point of contention for them.

Of course, he also has a romantic connection to Katie, which the Captain recently called him out for in front of Jessika. The finale of Below Deck Med airs next Monday, and the drama is sure to be pretty intense.