PHOTOS: Fans Say Kylie Jenner ‘Looks Old’ in New Pictures From Paris Fashion Week After She Opts for a Natural Makeup Look

by Barnell Anderson Comments
PHOTOS: Fans Say Kylie Jenner 'Looks Old' in New Pictures From Paris Fashion Week After She Opts for a Natural Makeup Look

Credit: TheRealSPW / MEGA

Kylie Jenner isn’t only a member of the Kardashian-Jenner family, but she also happens to be quite the businesswoman. However, she is perhaps most known as one of the most famous models of today. Unfortunately, her ultra-famous status often leads to criticism, which can sometimes be downright mean.

The latest is that her appearance is being discussed online after showing up at Paris Fashion Week. 

Recently, 26-yr-old Kylie was spotted at the Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture show in Paris. The star rocked a long, semi see-through gown with a pair of clear shoes. 

However, the official Entertainment Tonight Instagram page posted pictures of Kylie, and the comments were anything but kind. The outlet posted four pictures of Kylie, with some showing her heading to the event while others showed her inside the venue. 

The negative comments weren’t about Kylie’s outfit but rather her face. According to many, she looks “old.” Luckily, most of the comments didn’t add other insults. Instead, they focused on the opinion that she doesn’t have the face of a 26-year-old. Of course, there have always been talks about the alleged plastic surgery she’s had, and many of the comments blamed her older look on the surgery.

One commenter decided to be a bit mild with their words:

“She definitely doesn’t look in her 20s.”

Another blamed cosmetic work:

“She’s beautiful but the fillers have aged her”

Another Instagram user had this to say:

“She looks 26 going on 50”

Someone alleged that she’s using miracle ‘weight loss’ drug, Ozempic:

“Ozempic is getting out of control”

Finally, at least one person thought she looked great:

“Despite the apparent contrary belief on this thread, I think her wearing much less make up here is actually refreshing and makes her look softer and younger.’

Kylie’s looks have always been discussed at nauseam. Luckily, it seems the successful 26 year old has thick skin as she continues to grow her empire.