RHOSLC: Monica Garcia Shares If She’s on “Pause,” What She’d Change on Season 4 & If She’s Still Active on Reality Von Tease as Tamra Judge Shares Why Monica May Return and Teddi Slams Heather

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RHOSLC: Monica Garcia Shares If She’s on “Pause,” What She’d Change on Season 4

Credit: Clifton Prescod/Bravo

Nobody puts Monica Garcia in the corner.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City rookie addressed if she could stay in “timeout” without causing problems to get her job back. She also revealed the one thing she’d change from season four.

Meanwhile, Tamra Judge (who succeeded in reclaiming her orange after Bravo put her ‘on pause’) shared why she thinks Monica is “coming back,” despite her Reality Von Tease ‘troll’ page.

Speaking on Tamra’s Two Ts In A Pod, Monica addressed whether she’s ‘on pause.’

“I have not heard that I was on pause,” said Monica, via @LoveAndyC on X. “What I heard was baby is in the corner in a cool off timeout.”

Tamra asked if Monica could do this (without causing any problems) to “get her job back.”

“I feel like you know the answer to that,” said Monica.

She was then asked what she would change from the season.

“I would have to say honestly … bringing up the rumor [about] Angie K.’s husband,” she answered, alluding to a rumor that Shawn had affairs with men in Salt Lake City.

Monica also said she’s “retired” from Reality Von Tease.

In a separate episode of the podcast, Tamra shared her theory about Monica’s ‘cooling off period.’

“Let’s just break this down. Because when [a cast member] gets fired – especially a one-season cast member – they do not do interviews like this,” said Tamra. “They do not talk about the firing.”

“And this only leads me to believe that she’s coming back,” Tamra added.

Co-host Teddi Mellencamp pointed out the hypocrisy of Heather Gay’s judgment against Monica.

”What is worse?” asked Teddi. “To be punched in the face by somebody, hide it from the rest of your cast, and then blame production … [or run] a fan account trolling somebody who scammed the elderly?”