Denise Richards on If She’ll Return to RHOBH Next Season, Her Text to Erika Jayne & Where They Stand Today, and Encounter With “Judgmental” Annemarie

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Denise Richards on If She'll Return to RHOBH Next Season, Her Text to Erika Jayne & Where They Stand Today, and Encounter With "Judgmental" Annemarie

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has had quite a bit to offer fans this season.

One of the biggest reasons fans were excited was because Denise Richards made her grand return. However, it went a bit sideways at Kyle Richards‘ THC dinner party. Now, Denise is on a press run of sorts, and she’s discussing how she feels about the season and if she’ll be back in any capacity for the 14th installment of the show. 

As fans know, Denise announced that she was leaving the show in 2020. 

Denise recently sat down on SiriusXM’s Jeff Lewis Live and had quite a bit to say. During her interview with Jeff, he stated that he had met Annemarie Wiley in person and that she’s not as likable on TV. He then asked her if she believed Annemarie would be a one-season Housewife.

However, before she could answer, he asked her if she knew that Annemarie called her “awkward to be around.”

Denise responded timidly by saying, “No, I met her for five seconds, so maybe she was awkward to be around me and then didn’t want to talk to me. That’s really judgmental.”

Denise then said that she didn’t know if Annemarie would come back. 

Jeff then said, “Is there a world where you would come back next season?”

Denise replied, “I am one who says never say never about anything. I do enjoy being around a lot of the women. I had fun on the show.”

The conversation then turned to Erika, and Denise felt that their relationship changed. She said that Erika was kind to her at first and complimented her work as an actress, but things went downhill. Denise also said that she didn’t understand until recently why Erika had gotten so upset with her. 

Regarding her friendship with Erika today, Denise said, “Well, I don’t speak to her.”

However, she would speak to Erika if she happened to see her. Denise also shared that she texted Erika after seeing her perform at Kyle’s party and complimented her. However, she never got a reply.  

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