Dr. Nicole Martin Shares Plans to Confront Adriana de Moura at RHOM Reunion, & Reveals She Hasn’t Met Half-Siblings She Recently Learned Existed, & Live Viewing Thread

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RHOM’s Dr. Nicole Martin Shares Plans to Confront Adriana de Moura at Reunion, & Reveals She Hasn’t Met Half-Siblings She Recently Learned Exist

Credit: Jeff Daly/Bravo

The Real Housewives of Miami seems to be hitting its stride, and the current season is highly rated.

Of course, this also means there has been quite a bit of drama on the show between the ladies. For example, Dr. Nicole Martin and Adriana de Moura have not had the smoothest of relationships. Now, Nicole wants to discuss their issues at the upcoming reunion.  

For context, their issues began at the Mother’s Day brunch that Nicole set up. The problem is that Adriana invited Ana, who was once on the show. Unfortunately, neither Alexia nor Marysol were excited about her being there and blamed Nicole. 

Nicole told US Weekly, “It’s so hard because you hear so many things that you weren’t privy to while you were filming. I had no idea that Adriana was conspiring to bring Anna for X, Y, and Z reasons. And then watching it, you see her and Julia kind of discussing the real reasons why she’s bringing Anna, and I’m like, that’s messed up.”

Nicole also told the publication that she took notes while watching back the show to have a clear idea of what she wanted to talk about at the reunion. 

She said, “I have a little notebook, and so it’s hard to just stay organized and kind of tackle all those points. Especially when women are yelling, and you get distracted, and it’s hard.”

Nicole also had this to say about Adriana and Marysol: “Right from the start, they’ve kind of questioned who I am, and they’ve attacked different aspects of my life, whether it’s professional, emotional relationship, my family. So I’m not surprised that they’re choosing to act this way, but I wish things were different.”

Nicole also told the publication that she has not yet met her half-siblings. For context, she found out about them before her father passed away in November. She has since done genetic testing and put her DNA in a database so they could find her. 

She said, “So, I did, like, a genetic testing, one of those 23 and me, and nothing came up. The thing with those tests is that it depends on who’s on the database. So, if these are young children that are like seven, they’re not going to be in the database, but at least now my information’s on there. So, when they get older, if they ever decide to do it, we’ll be a match.”

Unfortunately, her dad didn’t tell her anything about her half-siblings. She says, “I don’t know anything about them, who their moms are, where they are.” However, she does know that she is one of eight kids. 

Luckily, she has met his girlfriend and wants to have her on the show. 

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