Whitney Rose Discusses Why RHOSLC Cast is Still Afraid of Jen Shah, How Monica Could Have Been Forgiven, and Names Lisa Barlow as New “Villain” of Show

by Adam Ragsdale Comments

Whitney Rose Claims Cast Is Still Afraid of Jen Shah, Hints at “What [Jen] Knows,” and Suggests Who Will Replace Monica Garcia as “Villain”

Whitney Rose is revealing why the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City cast is still afraid of Jen Shah and suggesting who will replace Monica Garcia as the “villain.”

In the latest season, Monica – Jen’s ex-assistant – somehow landed in the cast, and she later admitted she ran a ‘troll’ page to expose Jen (and other castmates in the process). Bravo put Monica in a “cooling off” period after the cast found out, and fans are now worried the show will lose its edge.

On The Viall Files podcast, Whitney was asked if there’s still a “real fear” of Jen in the cast.

“I think that there still is,” said Whitney. “And I don’t think it’s because of physicality or like threats of what Jen can do. I think it’s what she knows.”

Whitney also suggests that perhaps Monica could have been forgiven for being behind the RealityVonTease Instagram troll page, which trolled the RHOSLC cast for years, had she simply taken accountability at the reunion.

“All she needed to do was to come to that reunion and say I did it. I trolled you all for 4 years. I’ve been stalking you. I’ve been DM’ing you from fake accounts,” said Whitney about Monica.

According to Whitney, Heather Gay “owned” what she did at the reunion – while Monica didn’t. She also seemed to defend Heather’s hope that Jen watched the show to see them expose her nemesis Monica.

Whitney also addressed concerns that the show will plummet next season.

“People were concerned when Mary [Cosby] didn’t come back, people were concerned when Jen [Shah] didn’t come back and look at us now!” shared Whitney, via Reality Tea. “Every season gets better and better and better. I promise you, Salt Lake City, it is a gem. People don’t need to be concerned.”

The host asked if another newbie will get a snowflake.

“Nick, we already have her replacement. She’s been here for four years. I guess, it’s not her replacement,” she stated. “We already have that person: Lisa Barlow. Lisa’s always been the villain! You’re an iconic villain, Lisa … You’re a Salt Lake icon.”

“She really is, like, at BravoCon and stuff, she’s always on the ‘icon’ panel, so she represents Salt Lake City,” she added. “I don’t think we need a Monica because we have enough personalities as it is.”

Though Bravo hasn’t announced the season five cast, Whitney believes new “friends” will appear.