RHOSLC Showrunner Reveals Monica Garcia May Return to Show, Says Cast Needs “Cooling-Off Period,” as Heather Gay Reacts

by Adam Ragsdale Comments
RHOSLC Showrunner Reveals Monica Garcia May Return to Series, Says Cast Needs “Cooling-Off Period,” as Heather Gay Reacts

Credit: Fred Hayes/Bravo

Will Monica Garcia ever return to Real Housewives of Salt Lake City? According to showrunner Lori Gordon, the answer is a maybe. Amid the reunion’s end, the exec claimed Monica is in a “cooling-off period” – following revelations that she secretly ran a ‘troll’ page.

Some fans believe Monica’s Reality Von Tease account is the worst crime ever committed in the franchise. The same fans will complain about how boring season five is when all we have is Heather Gay talking Beauty Lab again.

But in an interview with Variety, the showrunner said “never say never” when it comes to Monica’s return.

“The women just need a cooling-off period, and I think it’s just too soon,” explained Gordon, via Page Six. “They’ve articulated it. It’s too soon for them to reenter into a friendship — a trusting friendship. Not enough time has passed.”

The showrunner, Andy Cohen, and Shed Media Exec Lisa Shannon insisted that Bravo didn’t know about Monica’s involvement with the ‘troll’ page.

They claimed she wouldn’t have been cast if they’d known.

Though Andy agrees it’s too soon for Monica’s return, he doesn’t feel she’ll be gone forever.

“I think that if Monica had come out and was able to sway even one of the women back on to her side, then it might be a different conversation right now,” said Andy. “But she didn’t do that.”

Heather shared her pleasure about the news.

“Hearing that production and that Lori Gordon especially wants us to have a cooling-off period, is really wise,” she said, speaking to the same outlet. “Monica has no connection with any of us right now. And that’s all I can say for now.”

“There’s no chance that Monica will be welcome back in my business, near my family, or near my friends,” she went on. “We all embraced her, brought her to our businesses, brought her into our homes, had her hang out with our children.”

Heather also expressed regret for all the things she allegedly did for Monica.

“It just was uncomfortable to know that she had done that, and she never once felt uncomfortable and she never once felt guilty for taking advantage of us in that way,” Heather declared. “I did more for Monica than I do for my friends of 10 years, and I’m filled with deep regret about that.”

Heather and the rest of the main cast – minus Monica – are expected to be back next season. With Monica out, Heather is surely thrilled to get more airtime. Fans can’t wait for more Beauty Lab scenes.