Heather and Terry Dubrow Dish on Fight That Saved Their Marriage, and How They Joined the RHOC

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Heather & Terry Dubrow Dish on How They Joined RHOC and the Fight That Saved Their Marriage

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The Dubrows are perhaps one of the most famous reality TV couples. Of course, Heather Dubrow is on The Real Housewives of Orange Countywhile Dr. Terry Dubrow is one of the two doctors on Botched! 

Both can sometimes be a bit controversial with their respective fan bases, but they somehow make it work. Now, the two are discussing their marriage and what it has taken to keep it solid. 

Of course, Heather first joined the show in season seven. However, she took some time away and rejoined in 2021. As for Terry, he has been on Botched since 2014. 

Recently, the two sat down with the Bravo Hot Mic podcast. They start by talking about how Heather joined RHOC.

At first, the couple wanted to pitch a separate show to the producers that would involve a restaurant in Orange County that included Heather and a few friends. However, the network only wanted to do it if her joining RHOC didn’t work out. 

The conversation then turns to their marriage and how reality TV impacts the bond. 

Terry then says, “I think, in our situation, we had a solid marriage, and it created cracks that didn’t previously exist, and those cracks were related to the way she wanted to be perceived and the way I acted initially on the show the first few seasons.”

Heather then chimes in and says, “Well, you have to understand, like for Terry, this was folly. You know he’s a doctor, and so for him to be on Orange County was like oh how silly is this for me? “

She then admits that she intended to get back into scripted television, but there was a stigma against reality TV at the time. Because of this, being on RHOC was hard for her, and she felt that Terry didn’t take her concerns seriously. 

Heather then discusses a huge fight they had during the worst year of their marriage. 

She says, “We had filmed a dinner, and it was nothing. It was like, ‘Hey, I’m gonna start doing all this stuff in LA, and I’m going to need you to help a little more with the kids.

She continues, “And we got in the car, and we were driving home, and we were in a fight, and we don’t fight fight. We’ll bicker, but we don’t fight, and we were fighting, and I said to him, I go, ‘Okay, this is it, we have got to find a way to be on this show, or we’re out because I’m not losing our marriage over a television show.” 

The interviewer asked how they made it work, and Heather said, “We found some middle ground.”

Terry then says, “Well, I think we worked through it, but I think we both evolved. Maybe I became a little less ‘TV Terry,” a little less silly on camera, a little more probably my real personality where I am very silly but not extraordinarily silly at everything that’s said, and you became less sensitive, more the real Heather Dubrow.”

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They both agree that their relationship is now the best it’s ever been.