Kroy Biermann Denies Leaking Divorce Info to Press, Thinks Kim Zolciak is ‘Paranoid’ and Trying to Hide Her Secrets

by Barnell Anderson Comments

Kroy Biermann Denies Leaking Divorce Info to Press, Says Kim is 'Paranoid' and Trying to Hide Her Secrets

The issues between Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann keep coming as they move forward in their divorce. Recently, the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star said that Kroy was leaking private and embarrassing information about their divorce. Now, Kroy is responding and calling her claims self-serving. 

As fans know, not only are Kim and Kroy going through a divorce, but the couple is also experiencing some serious financial woes. 

According to Page Six, Kroy is responding to Kim claiming that he is leaking divorce information to the press. A source told the publication, “Kroy has absolutely nothing to hide in these divorce proceedings and documents.”

However, the source says that Kroy believes that Kim is instead trying to protect some of her secrets. 

They said, “[Kim] does a whole lot, and she doesn’t want the public to know about it.”

The source continued and basically said that Kim is “paranoid,” and they went on to say, “She loves to project. It’s the narcissism.”

Apparently, Kroy is denying Kim’s confidentiality motion. It was also previously reported that she tried to get him to agree to it before filing the motion. 

The source also implies that Kroy doesn’t see the need to file the motion as many aspects of their divorce would fall under public information.

According to them, “It’s almost impossible for the proceedings to be kept under confidentiality, so if some of it is going to be out, then why not all of it? It makes no difference.”

However, if Kim’s motion is approved, some names and other information will be redacted in court documents. There are quite a few celebrities who file their divorces in this way from the start to maintain privacy. 

This is just the latest in the saga of Kim and Kroy. Because of the drama, many RHOA fans are saying the network needs to bring her back for season 16. However, others feel that her storyline could be too depressing.