RHOSLC: Monica Garcia Suggests Heather Gay Tried to Remove Her From Gag Award Show as Podcast Host Speaks and Monica Shades Heather as “Miserable and Pressed”

by Adam Ragsdale Comments
RHOSLC’s Monica Garcia Reacts After Heather Gay is Called Out for Being Mad Over Monica’s Award Nomination, See Her Post as She Shades Costar as “Miserable and Pressed”

Credit: Instagram

Monica Garcia shared a post claiming Heather Gay tried to remove her from a “gag award show,” and Monica shaded Heather for staying “miserable and pressed” despite Monica’s exit from Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

In the finale, Heather insinuated that Monica doesn’t belong in the group – after discovering her ‘troll’ page. Heather screamed about it for a while and was seemingly more upset than when Jen Shah pleaded guilty to criminal conspiracy.

On her Instagram, Monica shared a post alleging Heather “tr[ied] to pressure” a podcast into “removing Monica” from their gag award show.

“Yes, it’s true. Heather Gay did get pissed off at us, and she did unfollow us,” said a cohost from the Watch What Crappens podcast, via @jonesingforwhat on X. “She got very upset that we … nominated Monica for some [gag] awards, and that set Heather off … [but] I’m not gonna change my show for you.”

“I think Heather probably does not love the fact that we don’t just kiss her a** completely, do not completely buy everything she was hurling at people during that finale,” the host added. “[But] if you do … something I think is bulls**t, I’m gonna say it.”

Monica then reacted in her own caption.

“Thank you @watchwhatcrappens for the nomination,” she wrote before alluding to her RHOSLC exit. “Also… imagine getting EXACTLY what you wanted and still being so miserable and pressed about me. Sheesh. What a way to live. 😈.”