Kyle Richards Talks “Breaking Point” in Marital Problems With Mauricio, Lack of “Support” From RHOBH Cast, and Living Arrangement, Plus Admits She’s in Limbo About Returning to Show

by Adam Ragsdale Comments
Kyle Richards addresses “breaking point” in marital problems with Mauricio Umansky, her lack of “support” from most castmates, and not knowing if she wants to return to RHOBH.

Credit: Bravo, Aaron Poole/E! Entertainment

Kyle Richards addressed her “breaking point” amid her marital problems with Mauricio Umansky, her lack of “support” from most castmates, and not knowing if she wants to return to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Throughout season 13, Kyle gradually opened up about her problems with Mauricio. By the finale, she revealed they were separated, and hinted at “things that happened” which made her lose “trust.”

In an interview with TODAY, Kyle was asked what caused her marriage issues.

“I think there were certain things that were there, and then we had to kind of … [put it] on the back burner for a long time,” she answered. “You know, you’re pregnant and you’re breast-feeding. And then it was working and juggling kids and you kind of forget about it. And it, you know, resurfaces again.”

But Kyle eventually came to a “breaking point,” following the passing of her good friend, which made her “look at things differently.”

She also suggested it has something to do with what she’s “willing to accept and not accept,” but claimed it wasn’t “one big thing.”

“[My] current status [with Mauricio] is we live under the same roof … in different rooms,” she said. “We are fortunate enough to where we have other homes, and he kind of come[s] and go[es] … It’s sort of like, if he’s there for dinner, great.”

Kyle claimed that when the cameras went up, they hadn’t even “shared this with our daughters.”

“And he wasn’t really ready to share that,” said Kyle. “So that was really challenging for me to kind of balance that [throughout the season].”

Kyle claimed she “doesn’t know” what her “future holds” with Mauricio, and suggested she’s getting tired of people telling her to go back to him.

“You don’t live in our home. You don’t know what’s going on. Do you think I wanted to be in this position after being married all [that time]?” she told her critics. “My dream was to be married forever and grow old with this person.”

Kyle said she also doesn’t know if she wants to return next season, and doesn’t “know where my life’s gonna be.” She claimed season 13 felt like “season 300.”

According to the star, she didn’t have “a lot of support from the cast,” though she praised Erika Jayne for standing by her.