Andy Cohen’s Text Message to Brandi Glanville is Leaked Amid Her Sexual Harassment Claim, See Her Alleged Response to the Text as Insider Slams Her & Says She’ll Never Work at Bravo Again

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Source Reveals What Andy Cohen Said to Brandi Glanville in NSFW Video and Her Alleged Response as Insider Slams Her & Says She’ll Never Work at Bravo or NBC Again

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A source revealed what Andy Cohen said to Brandi Glanville in the infamous video text message amid her sexual harassment claims. An insider also leaked Brandi’s alleged response, and they claimed she’ll never work at Bravo or NBC again.

After the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star’s attorneys sent a legal letter concerning the video, Andy issued a public apology, claiming the video was clearly a joke.

Now, sources are telling Daily Mail what Andy actually said in the video message.

“Hey Brandi what’s up girl? We are just thinking about you. So yeah, me and Kate [Chastain] are gonna have some hot sex and wanted to know if you wanted to watch,” Andy allegedly said in the video. “You know a little ménage à trois.”

Andy and Kate then laughed, with Kate saying, “Yeah!”

“’So FaceTime us back. Okay girl love you!’” Andy added.

“’Love you b***h,’” said Kate.

Brandi allegedly responded with the message: “’I will bring my hot dildo.’”

The insider said Brandi, Kate, and Andy spent time together on multiple occasions after the video was sent, and Brandi praised Andy for supporting her amid Caroline Manzo’s allegations of sexual assault.

Another source claimed Brandi is using Andy to get “leverage” amid her fight with Caroline, and they called Brandi “foolish.”

“Brandi has been looking for this window ever since Caroline’s lawsuit,” they added. “But for her to accuse probably the most openly gay man on reality TV of sexual harassment is absolutely ludicrous.”

“She was really grabbing for straws with this one and to think it would give her leverage in her case is foolish,” the source continued. “They are two separate cases and very different. People Andy works with will stand behind him on this. He was very transparent, and his statement said it all. He has nothing to hide.”

“His skeletons have been out. As he stated, it was a joke, and he was not the only one in on it. If Brandi thinks that Andy was actually trying to sleep with her, she is foolish,” said the insider. “She keeps returning to reality TV and no one knows why aside from her thirst for fame and a pay check. If she doesn’t want playful drama, don’t keep coming back … She can dish it out, but she clearly cannot take it. Brandi will never appear in another Bravo or NBC affiliated show again.”