RHOBH’s Kyle Richards Addresses Video of Morgan Wade ‘Rubbing’ Her “Hip” at WWHL, as Mauricio Umansky Shares New Details of Marital Breakdown, and Live Viewing Thread

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VIDEOS: RHOBH’s Kyle Richards Addresses Claim Morgan Wade “Rubbed” Her “Hip” at WWHL, as Mauricio Umansky Reveals He Had a “Breakdown” in Buying Beverly Hills Preview

Kyle Richards addressed the video of Morgan Wade ‘rubbing’ her “hip” while they posed for photos at Watch What Happens Live amid rumors of a romantic entanglement.

Meanwhile, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star’s husband Mauricio Umansky – with whom she’s now separated – revealed he had a “breakdown” at work.

“Do you think that fans are overreacting to the way that Morgan rubbed your hip,” said Kyle on her Amazon Live, reading a fan question.

“I mean, yes,” she answered in a clip shared by @facereality16 on Instagram. “I actually was looking at pictures. I was with Kiki [Barth] and we both had our hands like that [too].”

She also suggested that Morgan perhaps rubbed her that way because she was “nervous.”

“I don’t know. I thought it was just stupid, honestly,” she added.

In a preview of his Netflix show, Buying Beverly Hills, Mauricio addressed his recent difficulties.

“I’ve been so stressed. And the travel obviously affects, you know, us,” said Mauricio to his wife in a clip shared by @bravosnarkside on Instagram. “And you’re working hard, and we’re just busy as can be and it’s just been so stressful.”

He then revealed he had a “breakdown” at the office, and Kyle added that he had one at the house as well.

“I lost my s**t,” said Mauricio of the office breakdown, “and I just told everybody, ‘I can’t hand it. I’m done. Just leave me alone.'”

Mauricio said he’s worried about having to lay people off and having to think about “9,000 people” who are “being fed” from his real estate business.

In a confessional, Mauricio said he’s not “express[ing] everything” he’s dealing with – concerning his kids and “wife.”

“It’s just starting to get too big and too much for me to handle,” he said.

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