Brandi Glanville Denies Ever Being Close With Andy Cohen as She Hints at “Deleted Messages,” Plus Why She Decided to Speak Up

by Adam Ragsdale Comments
Brandi Glanville Claps Back at Claim She “Turned” on Best Friend Andy Cohen with Allegations, Says They Had a “Texting Relationship” and Hints at “Deleted Messages” and an “FBI Guy” Bravo Allegedly Hired

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Brandi Glanville clapped back at the claim she “turned” on her friend Andy Cohen, suggesting they were never “buddies” and had a “texting relationship.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum – who recently accused Andy of sending her a message in which he sexually harassed her – also hinted at “deleted messages” and an “FBI guy” Bravo allegedly hired.

“I’m getting a ton of messages about Andy Cohen and how close of friends we were and blah, blah, and how could I turn or whatever,” said Brandi on her Unfiltered podcast. “I just want people to know that I never once, in the 13 years that I’ve known him, hung out with him. Ever.”

“Not after Watch What Happens Live. We’ve never had lunch. We’ve never had dinner. We’ve never had breakfast,” she went on. “We literally had a texting relationship … I didn’t go to [his] baby shower. I wasn’t invited.”

The star suggested they weren’t “buddies,” though there are pictures of them together at WWHL.

“Our entire relationship was on the phone,” she explained.

Around the same time, Brandi wrote a cryptic tweet about an “FBI guy,” claiming certain people were “deleting messages.”

“Luckily, my lawyers and & the FBI guy they hired downloaded everything from my phone for the past 13 years over 6 months ago before everyone started deleting messages,” she said.

A few days later, Brandi opened up about why she decided to speak out.

“It’s been hard & yes, I’ve been conflicted, & it was hard to speak out but a woman can only take being pummeled so much,” she wrote on X. “It may be unpopular to speak up against a powerful institution & I may have a wild side, but I am not a liar. The truth hurts. It is hurting me & now hurting Bravo.”