Kroy Biermann Wants to Know If Kim Zolciak Used Dating Site to Cheat, Plus Her Gambling Losses & Surgical Procedures, as He Makes Abuse Allegations in Court Docs Amid Nasty Divorce

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Kroy Biermann Questions Kim Zolciak’s Potential Cheating, Gambling Losses, Surgical Procedures, & Abuse Allegations in Court Docs Amid Nasty Divorce

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Former Real Housewives of Atlanta stars Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann are still battling it out before their divorce goes to trial.

Both parties have filed motions with the court, which means there’s a chance things might get even more complicated. Now, Kroy wants Kim to answer to the things that he says she’s done on official court documents. The allegations from Kroy include things like using dating websites to cheat, abuse, excessive gambling, and more. 

Kim and Kroy tied the knot in November 2011. Fans will recall that they even celebrated their anniversary last year despite going through their bitter divorce. 

Now, according to Radar Online, Kroy has filed court documents to require Kim to answer to some of the things she has allegedly done over the years. For starters, it seems Kroy might believe that Kim cheated and even used websites like Adult Friend Finder and Ashley Madison to do so. 

According to the documents, Kroy wants Kim to “List the names, phone numbers, and addresses of any person other than your Husband that you have had any type of romantic relationship with since you have been married.”

He also wants information on the times she has been on trips. The documents say, “For each trip, list specific dates, places, with whom were you with, the purpose of the trip, and source of funds used to pay for the trip.”

Kroy also wants her to say on record who she has given or received gifts from since January 1, 2022, that are valued at more than $100. 

Radar Online is also reporting that Kroy is bringing up her alleged abuse toward him. According to the docs, Kroy wants Kim to account for each time she physically harmed him. “For each occasion, state the date, action (pushing, hitting, punching, slapping, etc.), and whether your children were present.”

Of course, it’s been mentioned before that Kim might have a gambling problem. This was even discussed on their show Don’t Be Tardy. He now wants her to answer to how much she has spent on the hobby over the last 12 months. He also wants Kim to account for how many times each week she gambles. 

Not only that, but the docs ask, “Since December 2020 to present, what surgical procedures have you undergone? Please provide date of procedure, type of procedure, and cost of procedure.”

Additionally, he would like more clarification on how much she owes the credit card company as well as what items she has sold online and how much she made.  

Things are getting even messier between these two, and you can almost guarantee that Kim will respond with court filings of her own.