NeNe Leakes Slams Porsha Williams for Refusing to Work With Her on Netflix Show as She Shares What Went Down, Plus She Poses With Simon Guobadia and New Woman in New Pic as Dennis McKinley Reacts

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Video: NeNe Leakes Is Upset About Porsha Williams Refusing To Film Netflix Show With Her, NeNe Poses for Pics with Simon, Plus See What Porsha EX Denis had to Say

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Porsha Williams has been going through a lot of drama as a result of her divorce from Simon Guobadia. Adding to her troubles, NeNe Leakes recently took to Instagram to blast the RHOA star over not wanting to work with her. Not only that, but NeNe later posed for pictures with Porsha’s ex and replied to fan comments. Plus, Dennis McKinley had a reply of his own, and Porsha seems to be taking the high road. 

Fans will recall that NeNe hasn’t been on Housewives for over four years. She feels she has been blackballed in the industry for how she handled her exit from the show. Since then, there have even been unsubstantiated reports of money problems. It’s for these reasons that NeNe continuing to work in entertainment is important. 

The former RHOA star took to Instagram to call Porsha out. According to her, she was approached by the company that produces The Upshaws on Netflix about doing a cameo on the show. Porsha was set to be her screen partner. 

NeNe then talks of arriving to set and Porsha not being there. Instead, there was a fill-in for rehearsals. Then, NeNe says she later got a call asking if she had issues with Housewives stars like Kim Zolciak or Cynthia Bailey. Cynthia was then cast in the role that Porsha was supposed to play. 

However, word later got to NeNe that Porsha had told producers of the show that she didn’t want to work with NeNe.

“I was later told that Porsha did not show up and said that she did not want to work with me, that we had had issues from the past and she did not want to work with me,” shared NeNe.

NeNe was upset by this because they had been friends in recent times. According to NeNe, they “double-dated a few times,” plus she went to Porsha’s wedding, and they recently hung out in Dubai together. It’s because of this that NeNe was caught off guard by what Porsha allegedly told the production company. 

NeNe then texted Porsha about the drama, and she allegedly replied stating she was, “Going through a divorce and [Nene] didn’t reach out to little sis.”

“The bottom line is, Porsha did not want to share the spotlight. That’s it. And professionals can share the spotlight,” added NeNe. “Porsha is not a star. She is a Bravolebrity. Be clear.”

 NeNe was also upset because she felt like what Porsha said could hurt her already damaged reputation. However, things didn’t stop there. Over the weekend, NeNe posed for a picture with her boyfriend, Simon, and a new woman in what looked like a double date. 

NeNe Leaks out with boyfriend, Simon, and woman

NeNe Leakes out with Simon and his female friend. Credit: Instagram

At least one fan defended NeNe taking and posting the picture. She even replied to the comment. 

“Porsha tried to stop Nene’s bag. Nene owes Porsha nothing but an a** whooping. Next case,” wrote a fan.

NeNe responded: “Say it loud so the people in the back can hear you.”

A fan defending NeNe and NeNe commenting

NeNe’s response | Instagram

Dennis even stepped into the comments on the Shade Room’s post and offered a bet about who would win in a fight between NeNe and Porsha. 

“I got 100K on P Willy. What you got on it,” wrote Dennis, referring to his ex Porsha as “P Willy,” aka his nickname for her.

Denis weighs in on Porsha/ NeNe drama

Dennis’ comment Instagram

Overall, it’s hard to know which side to take in this. In the end, if Porsha didn’t want to work with NeNe, she didn’t have to. Some fans also feel that Porsha’s decision to not do the show may have been due to NeNe’s decision to sue Bravo in the past. However, it’s also important to point out that we only have NeNe’s side of the story.