Paige DeSorbo Reveals the High Price of Her NYC Rent as Craig Conover Reacts, Plus She Looks for New Place in Summer House Preview, & Praises Craig’s “Gardening Journey”

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Craig Conover Reacts to Paige DeSorbo’s Pricy $8,500 Pad as She Looks for a New Apartment in Summer House Preview, Plus Paige Shares Thoughts on Craig’s “Gardening Journey”

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There has been a ton of discussion about the relationship between Summer House stars Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover. Much of this has been related to their living arrangements as he lives in South Carolina and she resides in New York City. Now, it seems Paige is looking for a new apartment and is willing to pay the big bucks for it. Plus, she weighs in on Craig’s gardening.

Craig and Paige have been dating since 2021. Since then, they have become a favorite couple for reality TV fans. There has also been pressure for them to get engaged.

Fans can see Paige begin the process of finding a new apartment in a new preview from Bravo. In the clip, fans can see her discuss what she wants out of her new place as well as wanting to involve Craig in the process.

She says, “I love my apartment, but I feel like something’s missing. I want to involve Craig in this because I do value his opinion, and, like, I do kind of like him. So I do want him to be excited [about] where we are living when he is here. Even though it’s my apartment, and what I say goes, and he’ll get what he gets in terms of a closet.”

She also speaks to her real estate agent in the clip while Craig is present. However, many might be shocked by what she’s paying in rent and what she’s willing to pay for her next pad.

According to Paige, “Currently, I’m paying [$8,500 per month]. My boyfriend is shaking his head because he lives in Charleston, and he just doesn’t understand what we’re doing up here.”

Craig then calls the pricing, “So crazy.”

However, she’s more than okay with spending even more on the new apartment.

She says, “I’ll go up to nine [thousand]. And I think that’s where I really would stop.”

Things then get a little awkward when the agent asks if the two-bedroom apartment is only for her since Craig is in the room with her.

Paige responds, “Wow, really putting me on the spot there. He lives half the time in Charleston and half the time in New York. Technically, yes, it is for the two of us, but I’m there most of the time by myself.”

Also, as many fans of Summer House know, Craig has been gardening for years. This has become a full-on passion for him, and he often shows it off on social media. Recently, Paige commented on one of his posts and said, “Not snark alert. This is so freaking cute.”

Paige DeSorbo's comment on Craig's post

Paige’s comment | Craig’s Instagram

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