Katie Maloney Slams Lala Kent for Bringing Her Mom Into Feud After “Weird” Post and Denies Raquel’s Claim That Ariana’s Best Friend Walked in on Her & Tom, as Dayna Weighs in

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Katie Maloney Slams Lala’s “Weird” Post about Katie’s Mom, Denies Raquel’s Recent Story about Ariana’s Friend, as Dayna Hints at Raquel and Tom’s Long-Term “Plan”

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Katie Maloney slammed Lala Kent’s “weird” post about her mom, called it “f**king hurtful,” and doubled down on her denial of their alleged off-camera rift. She also refuted Raquel Leviss’ recent story about Ariana Madix’s bestie walking in on Raquel and Tom Sandoval during the affair.

After Katie first denied a falling out between herself and Lala after last year’s reunion on Vanderpump Rules, Lala took to Instagram and suggested that Katie prefers her friends “miserable.” But Lala apologized to Katie’s mom for writing the post and said she “love[s]” her.

On The Viall Files podcast, Katie was asked if Lala is leaning into her feuds with Katie and Ariana because she has a family to feed.

“I don’t know,” answered Katie, via @breakingtherulespod on Instagram. “I don’t know what this is about. I don’t know why she, like, had to post that thing on Instagram and bring my mom into it all. That was really f**king hurtful to my mom. Like, don’t do that.”

She also called the post “weird,” and she addressed a claim that Katie and Ariana are being targeted because they’re indifferent to hanging out with “the group.”

“What group!?” Katie asked. “They don’t even f**king hang out!”

Katie eventually slammed Raquel’s story about Ariana’s friend Logan walking in on Raquel and Tom amid their affair.

“[She] told the story wrong about Logan,” said Katie.

Katie and Ariana’s friend Dayna, who was also in the interview, backed up Katie’s claim.

“We’re defending Logan 100 percent. That is not how it happened,” said Dayna. “Her version of how it happened is not what happened at the time. At the time, he had no reason to believe something so evil could be going on.”

According to Dayna, Logan never said anything about the encounter at the time “because it didn’t even faze him,” and it didn’t “seem like what [Raquel]’s described.”

She also claimed Raquel and Tom were not as “messy” as they seemed, and at the time, the pair firmly denied any romance rumors.

“Because they thought their plan was going to come to fruition, which was: Ride it out, [then] Tom and Ariana break up and then eventually they date,” Dayna shared.