Raquel Leviss Lists Names of People Who Knew About Her Affair With Tom Sandoval, Claims Ariana’s Best Friend Caught Them, Claps Back at Jax’s Diss & Says She’s Not Joining ‘The Valley”

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Raquel Leviss Reveals Names of People Who Knew About Her Affair With Tom Sandoval, Claims Ariana's Best Friend Caught Them, Claps Back at Jax’s Diss & Says She’s Not Joining ‘The Valley”

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Rachel “Raquel” Leviss gave a list of names of those who knew about her and Tom Sandoval‘s months-long affair during Friday’s episode of her podcast.

Before clapping back at Jax Taylor, 44, who suggested she get a real job during an interview last week, the Vanderpump Rules alum, 29, said she’s done protecting her and Sandoval’s alleged co-conspirators as she put a number of people on blast, including Sandoval’s mother, who she claimed was in the loop with their secret romance.

“Obviously, number one is [Tom Schwartz]. He has known from the very beginning, and we already know that because I’ve already dropped that bomb,” Raquel began on the March 22 episode of Rachel Goes Rogue.  “But maybe people don’t realize or have suspected, but Kyle Chan has also known. Kyle Chan has been a good friend of Tom’s for quite some time, and he was one of the people that was trying to talk some sense into Tom, but he also kept that secret for him.”

“I just feel like it’s a little bit of a double-standard to be icing out a certain person for knowing, yet Kyle Chan is still accepted into the group without any consequences,” Raquel continued, giving a nod to a season 11 episode in which the cast attended one of Kyle’s parties in San Francisco.

“Nobody seems to have an issue with Kyle knowing,” she noted. “It just goes to the double standard of Tom was allowed to tell his best friends, but I wasn’t allowed to tell anybody, and if I did, he was not happy with me.”

As Raquel’s affair with Sandoval played out behind the back of her then-friend Ariana Madix, 38, for months, Max Boyens, who starred on Pump Rules‘ eighth season, was also said to have been in the know.

“I don’t know the extent of what he knew about the affair, but Max Boyens was one of the people that we would meet up with regularly at one of the dive bars by Tom Sandoval’s house, and you know, he didn’t ask any questions … and it would be hard for me to think that he didn’t have an inkling of note that this was going on,” Raquel explained.

She then suggested that those close to Ariana may have also known.

“This one’s a little sus because Tom and I, we were very reckless and stupid and we decided, my god, this is really embarrassing. But basically, Tom and I like snuck off. I don’t even know if I want to see these details, but basically, Tom and I were cuddling in the social media room, which is downstairs of their house, and there was a party going on, and Ariana’s best friend, Logan Cochran, walked into the social media room and he was like, ‘oh okay,’ and we were just like cuddling on the floor. We were [wearing] clothes and everything. There wasn’t a blanket or anything. It was just us looking at each other because like, it’s stupid. I thought I was in love, but Logan walked in on us and then he’s like, ‘Oh, I’m really I’m really messed up’ … and then left,” she recalled. “And he’s Ariana’s best friend, so I’m sure that that got back to Ariana.”

“Logan definitely had to have some sort of suspicion that this was going on, because why else would be cuddling,” she continued. “Logan is also really close with [Brad Kearns]. I don’t think Brad like really knew the extent of it, but I’m sure as things started coming out, it was like easy to piece these things together.”

Moving on to Sandoval’s mom, Raquel pointed to a trip to St. Louis she and Sandoval took in December 2022, months before their relationship was uncovered.

“I’ve met Tom’s mom before when she came to LA, but this time it was different because he was like bringing me to the house. It honestly felt like I was his girlfriend,” she admitted. “[And] I think that’s a really messed up position to put your mom in, because you know, now she’s keeping this secret for her son.”

Also on her podcast, Raquel weighed in on Jax’s recent diss.

As Pump Rules fans may have heard, Jax shaded her while promoting The Valley, telling Us Weekly, “I want nothing to do with her … She needs to get a real job. She’s doing everything she can right now besides get a real job.”

In response, however, Raquel suggested his comments were “very ironic.”

“It’s very ironic, first of all, that Jax Taylor wants me to get a real job when he also has a podcast and is on a reality TV show,” she noted. “[And it] almost seems like they’re really pushing to have my name and The Valley — in the same headline story — to make it seem more controversial. Like … is Rachel really considering going to The Valley? No, I’m not, by the way, so you don’t need to worry about that.”

“Don’t tell me to get a real job when my job is literally the exact same as your job. That doesn’t make sense and I’m not going to listen to you,” she added.

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