RHONY Star Erin Lichy Clarifies “Rude” Encounter With Dorit Kemsley & Kyle Richards, Shares Status With Ubah Hassan, & Talks Potential Storyline for Season 15, Plus Advice From Andy Cohen

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RHONY Star Erin Lichy Shares Status With Ubah Hassan After Drama, Potential Storyline for Season 15 and Explains “Rude” Encounter With Dorit & Kyle, Plus Advice From Andy Cohen

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Fans of The Real Housewives of New York are awaiting news of the new season. There have been several reports of who may have signed on and who may not be returning. Recently, Erin Lichy sat down to discuss the first season, how casting went for some of the ladies, and what she really meant when she said Kyle Richards and Dorit Kemsley were rude at BravoCon. 

The new RHONY, which some fans simply call the reboot, premiered last year, and Erin became known as somewhat of a villain. She is also one of the cast members fans consider to be a shoo-in for season two. 

Recently, Erin stopped by the Behind The Velvet Rope With David Yontef podcast to spill the beans on the goings-on with the show and some of her recent comments. 

Regarding calling Kyle and Dorit rude, she said, “There is context there. And honestly, I probably shouldn’t have looped Kyle into it, but she was looped in. And I’m telling you a lot, but it’s just the reality of what happened. So I had been connected to Dorit in a group conversation.”

She was then asked if they had been connected by Crystal, but she didn’t answer the question. However, what she does say is that she expected that she and Dorit would have a chat since they had been connected previously. 

Erin says, “She didn’t do that at all. She walked away.”

She then says there was a second encounter at BravoCon where Dorit didn’t respond how she assumed they would, given that they had talked before. 

According to Erin, “I saw them sitting there, Kyle and Dorit. And I was like, hi, how are you? And I thought, you know, we’d have a chat. I’m not trying to sit down with them and braid each other’s hair. It was just like a hello, and nothing. And I think probably Kyle says hi to everybody, whatever. “

She continues, “But I think it was more like, okay, Dorit and I know each other. We’re both Israeli. I don’t know. I thought, like, there was, you know, we talked about that. And it was just like, met with such — I almost felt like, am I crazy for saying hello? Like, is this weird? And I’ve never felt like that because I’m a very friendly social person, and usually people like to talk to me.”

Erin then goes on to clarify that their connection was through a group chat. Additionally, she said that Dorit only smiled at her when she tried to chat while at BravoCon. 

“Maybe Dorit has PTSD because I’ve heard about all this stuff. And so maybe she just doesn’t want to interact with people. And I’m not here to judge that. Everybody has their own journey.”

The conversation then switches to RHONY. Erin reveals that production had talked to a couple of the ladies for years before they were asked to join. However, none of them were in talks of joining the old cast. 

According to Erin, “I know they spoke to Sai for years. I know that they were talking about Ubah for a long time. Jenna was very last minute, too. I think, like weeks.”

She then talks about her relationship with Ubah and hashing things out at the reunion. 

About their relationship today, Erin says, “[It’s] great, really great. I love her.”

She also shared the best advice she’s gotten. 

“Even like Andy was like, don’t read the comments.”

Regarding the show moving forward and being relatable, Erin said if they get a season two, she’ll talk about her mother having breast cancer and the impact it’s had. 

Fans can get to know Erin by watching RHONY on Peacock before the new season starts in the distant future.