Vanderpump Rules Recap: Katie is Accused of Sleeping With Schwartz’s Best Friend Max, and Schwartz Claims He Made Out With Scheana in Vegas, Plus Ariana Ignores Sandoval and Warns Tii About Him

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Vanderpump Rules Recap: Katie is Accused of Sleeping With Schwartz’s Friend Max, and Schwartz Claims He Made Out With Scheana in Vegas, Plus Ariana Ignores Sandoval and Warns Tii About Him

Revenge plays a big role in tonight’s episode of Vanderpump Rules. A deep, dark secret gets spilled by Schwartz, and a retaliation by Katie makes Scheana uncomfortable, especially because Brock outs the news. Plus, Sandoval does his best to penetrate the group, this time by connecting with Lala.

James is hyped that he is once again going to DJ at Hotel Ziggy. He wants the event to be open to all, and Ally shares that she has invited Jo since Ally wants her to start to feel comfortable around the group. Fat chance of that…

Sandoval learns that Billie Lee will be bringing a friend, Tii, to the gig in hopes of playing matchmaker. Sandoval isn’t sure how well he will be back in the dating scene, particularly because he is still tied to Ariana, especially when it comes to the house. The house has been a bone of contention between the ex-couple, and Sandoval lets us know that he had his lawyer try and buy Ariana out of the house for top market dollar.

He has yet to hear something back from her, but maybe that’s because she is just too busy trying to poach Sandoval’s assistant, Ann. Ariana truly wants to #saveAnn, but she knows that it would only add more drama if Ann left Sandoval and worked for her.

Schwartz and Lala meet up for some healthy eats and some forced conversation brought to you by the cameras. Schwartz discusses “occasional benders” with drugs and alcohol… and with sobriety.

Schwartz talks about how everyone has cheated, and none of them are innocent. Take, for instance, how he “made out with Scheana like 12 years ago in Vegas. No one even knows that.” Lala is baffled and asks to know the timeline. Schwartz claims he has decided to partake in the summer of forgiveness, which is why only now this information is surfacing. Lala states that she is over people lying to her face, and she is shocked to learn the tea from Schwartz and not from Scheana, especially because she is tight with Scheana now. Schwartz cannot remember if he told Katie, which means he did not, which also means he will now die.

Later, Lala chooses to tell Katie about this make-out news before Scheana, knowing that Scheana would attempt to soften the blow with excuses. Lala shares that Schwartz let her know he made out with Scheana in Vegas a few years ago. Katie looks shook, and then p*ssed. Katie talks about a time Schwartz was in Vegas with Scheana, and she states that it’s weird that Schwartz and Scheana kept this quiet for so long.

At Hotel Ziggy, Sandoval admits that Ariana looks great when she enters in a sheer dress… and he also tells Brock that he wants to talk to her about the house stuff… because this would be the perfect time and place — not.

Jo explains that she is getting bullied by the girls, and Scheana asks Jo what we are all thinking: Why, as a hairdresser, is Jo always covering her hair with a hat… and a TomTom hat to boot?! Jo can actually see Lala, Katie, Scheana, Ariana, and Ally talking smack about her, so she covers her ears, which only makes her look crazier. Ally shares that during her reading, Jo explained she had emotional feelings for Schwartz “like her dad.” I’m sorry, what? Katie is happy to see that Jo feels uncomfortable, and Jo excuses herself from the crowd to break down in tears as Schwartz runs to her aid.

Because not enough unraveled here at Hotel Ziggy, Lala fills Ariana in on the Schwartz/Scheana make-out sesh years before. Lala also shares that, apparently, Schwartz and Scheana were joking about it during the holidays this year, which feels pretty gross. Sandoval interrupts their conversation to ask about the house situation, and Ariana ices him out. It is, however, kinda weird that Ariana is dragging her feet on this house stuff, especially since she clearly despises Sandoval.

Katie pulls Scheana aside and questions the alleged make-out session with Schwartz. According to Scheana, what happened was Schwartz pulled her into the corner and kissed her. This timeline was when Scheana was newly engaged to Shay, AND when Katie was at the height of tequila Katie. OF COURSE Scheana wasn’t going to say anything!

Scheana states this was no make-out, but rather a kiss, and she denies making jokes about it with Schwartz recently. Katie is having a hard time with it. Scheana was, after all, a part of her wedding, and the lying by omission is making Katie feel weird.

The next day, James rolls up to lunch with Schwartz looking like Michael Jackson in his sparkly blazer. Schwartz shares with Lala and James that he thinks Jo had a panic attack the night before. Sandoval, and his purse, show up to hang with the crew, and he seems to be in a better mood. Lala shares that she felt a little bad for Sandoval after Ariana ignored him. Sandoval (sensing an ally?) invites Lala to breath-working, but she decides to sleep on the invitation.

Lala DOES show up at Sandoval’s house and walks in on him during his “emotional orgasm” breathing exercises. Sandoval is happy to have Lala over, and Lala points out that she never had a friendship or a connection with Sandoval. He explains that there always seemed to be a disconnect between them. Lala doesn’t want Sandoval to pay for the things that happened to her in the past, and she gets vulnerable with Sandoval.  They decide to see where a potential friendship can go between the two of them.

Something About Her has really grown, and Katie and Ariana are thrilled, despite permitting issues halting the opening. A few of their closest friends come for a tasting, round II. Lala is wondering why they are doing a repeat of what they already did last summer, and James comes out with the best one-liner: “We all know Tom likes a sloppy Jo, right?” LOL.

The sandwich leftovers get brought to SUR and so does the party… and the drama. Lala fills Ariana in on the breath-working invitation that Sandoval extended. She explains that she had a productive conversation with Sandoval, but Ariana ain’t buying it. Ariana instead lets Lala know that Sandoval has once again been irresponsible with her dog, who yet again ate something (because of Sandoval), and so she is $6,000 in the hole with vet bills.

Katie and Ariana bring over some soggy sandwiches to LVP and Ken, and Katie shares that in 2014, Schwartz kissed Scheana in Vegas. LVP cannot believe it, and as if on cue, Schwartz enters the scene just in time to get ripped apart by Katie in front of LVP. Schwartz is annoyed that Katie brought it up again, but Katie explains that she cannot shake Schwartz as he “orbits in her universe.”

Schwartz runs to Brock, and it’s at this moment that Brock spills — because he is sick of Katie’s double standards. After Hotel Ziggy, Katie went home with Max, who also happens to be Schwartz’s best friend. Schwartz is aghast to hear this news, but he realizes that this is Katie with a revenge move. Touché.

Sandoval rolls up to the bar with Tii, post bowling date, and he gets all the tea about the double standard Katie lives by. When Scheana goes by Brock, she learns that he opened his mouth and told Schwartz about Katie’s rendezvous, something Scheana really didn’t want to spill. Scheana is infuriated at Brock for letting the cat out of the bag, and Brock just keeps spiraling. He makes his way over to the group, and in front of everyone, he tells Katie he spoke to Schwartz about last night’s interaction between her and Max. Katie does her best to remain unfazed, and even Lala doesn’t recognize this version of Katie. She is seeking out revenge. Lala feels like everyone in the group is lying and keeping big secrets. The shadiness is off the charts, but is that really anything new with this crew??