Vanderpump Rules’ Lala Kent Defends Jo Wenberg Against Scheana and Calls Out “Inappropriate” Behavior After She Took Off Jo’s Hat, Plus Jo Speaks Out and Thanks Lala

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Vanderpump Rules’ Lala Kent Defends Jo Wenberg Against Scheana and Calls Out “Inappropriate” Behavior After Taking Off Jo’s Hat From Her Head Amid Party, Plus Jo Speaks Out

Lala Kent defended Jo Wenberg after her castmates made fun of her on Vanderpump Rules – while Jo walked away crying. Meanwhile, Jo addressed her relationship with Lala, who was part of the circle talking negatively about her.

During the scene, Scheana Shay took off Jo’s hat before making fun of how her hair looked, suggesting a hairdresser should look more presentable. Katie Maloney then called her a “rat girl” and a “sociopath.” In a confessional, Ariana Madix doubled down on it, defending the group’s behavior toward Jo (who dated Tom Schwartz after he and Katie split).

“Jo was feeling very uncomfortable and I could tell she felt uncomfortable,” said Lala on her “Give Them Lala”podcast, via @breakingtherulespod on Instagram. “Scheana I don’t think has it in her. She’s very shady at times. It doesn’t hit as shade. It hits different than that.”

Lala denied that Scheana was a “bully,” but admitted that Jo felt bullied in the moment.

“It was like the five of us — we’re all dressed the way we’re dressed … and you’ve got Scheana who’s pulling her hat off at the very beginning being like, ‘Show your braids,'” she went on. “I really give props to Jo. [If] you remove my hat, I’m not violent. I’m punching you in the f**king face.”

She went on to call Scheana’s behavior “completely inappropriate.”

“I love Scheash all the live long day. If you touch my hat, I’m taking your head off,” she said. “A hat for a head, b**ch.”

Around the same time, Jo thanked Lala for defending her.

“I feel so grateful because Lala gave me grace – She listened,” wrote Jo on her Instagram Stories. “She gave me the safe space to talk my truth. I just have to say how transparent and kind she was to me.”

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